Friday, May 01, 2009

41 weeks 4 days...

I had an ultrasound today. Here I have to go to hospital (the hospital, it is different depending on where you live how you say it apparently) to get it done but my doc met me there and did it. I also had another NST. All is well, there is good fluid, baby looks fine, but nothing has changed. My cervix is still completely posterior and the baby is not engaged.

I am frustrated but ok. I am to be at hospital at noon if nothing has happened before then. I will have a c/s sometime that day if all remains the same. That will be exactly 42 weeks. Bliss was taken out of me at exactly 42 weeks as well which has a symmetry to it I suppose.

If anything was happening, any dilation, even effacement or engagement or contractions I might feel different but really nothing is happening. I had one real contraction after acupuncture and that was it. I semi-freaked out last night because the past 48 hours I have felt very different. I have felt less pregnant which is very disconcerting. I have taken the stairs normally for the first time. I have had un-sore boobs, I have been filled with energy. At this point with Bliss I felt every day I got bigger and heavier and more pregnant. This time it is like the opposite is happening.

The doc assured me baby was well and I am measuring 42 which is right on target, but I slept on my belly the last two nights! WTF?!? At this point with Bliss I measured 52 so I was WAY bigger, but still it is strange to be feeling this way.

The baby is still moving well but a little less often and the doppler has gotten me through some very paranoid moments lately. Again, and forever, THANK YOU ROSE!!!

In other news the upstairs bathroom, the newly renovated one, has 2 tiles making an awful squishing sound when walked on meaning there is a leak and the floor is wet. Not good timing. The plumber has been called and is trying to get out before Monday to at least take a look, we shall see, but again, the timing sucks.

We have also had our first real critter and it is a 20 pound porcupine. Really not what we expected. He or she is adorable, but does NOT scare, at all. I have two 10 pound dogs and it could easily very seriously injure them. My mama dog Dirt thinks she is some huge guard dog, especially right now, so now we are using a leash to take them to potty. Not what we wanted to be doing or what they want. So I am looking into having it relocated because it IS cute and I do not want it hurt, but it is very suddenly around our house all day long the little bugger. I took pictures but am really not up for an hour upload tonight. I will post a pic soon though.

So that is all for now, I will again post with any new news.

2 om's.:

Fat Chick said...

I can't wait to see the porcupine pic!

And the pic of Soul, of course!!! I'm praying for you, Bleu, and for your two little ones.

battynurse said...

I'll send lots of wishes that things start to happen on their own. If not though I hope the c/s goes well and the healing isn't too bad. Funny about the porcupine. Sadie found one once and it really wasn't pretty. hope yours finds a new home soon.
good luck with the bathroom.