Thursday, May 17, 2007

truly, madly, deeply...

I am home again, I have been home since the start of this week but my baby had to have dental surgery today and I was in worry mode. He is all done, and doing well after a hard morning. I am able to breathe again and share about my trip.

We had such a wonderful time together. It amazes me. I go out of town with my child and I feel like I have grown to love him so much more. I have no idea how that is even possible, but my heart expanded about a hundred fold this past week. We took 101 home and stopped at all the big redwoods which was so fun. The entire 7 hours up there he watched movies and I drove. The entire way home there were no movies, and we talked and laughed the entire time. He is sooooo my Bliss in every sense of the word.

The school stuff we didn't do up there but he got this book because I told him he could if he drew an "A". This is the first letter he has ever drawn and I have tons of pictures.

The beach was overcast but not cold. It was so nice as it has this huge sandbar. He was naked in minutes of course, and we played in some quicksand sand we found.

This picture was taken at my friend's graduation. He had on his "nice" button up shirt and was so adorable. It was cold and drizzling, but we had a nice time. He actually sat in my lap, still, for over an hour and a half. A first for sure.

I bought this hat for him which is adorable. I had a rainbow hat for him when he was little that I adored but lost. I will post a pic of it later, but this one is to replace that.

My friend took him and her son for a ride in their bike trailer. Bliss had a blast.

This was before we left, we had gone to feed the ducks. I love these overalls but he rarely wants to wear them.

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ohchicken said...

bliss is so amazingly gorgeous. his name fits him well.

he reminds me of atreyu from the neverending story :)

bleu said...

Thanks so much. I agree. ;)

Sara said...

Thank you for sharing these pics - what a beautiful boy you have!

Estelle said...

OMG he's gorgeous! He is so beautiful!

I'm glad to see another boy with long hair! I'll be damned if I am cutting Charlie's. AJ and I may argue, but it's HIS hair! It's not my right to cut off ANY healthy part of his body, no matter how trivial!

Yeah, well, really, I just think it's beautiful. I'm not morally opposed to hair cutting or anything.

barbara said...

Wow, what a beautiful child! Sounds like you two had a blast! How fun.

butterflyanla said...

I just want to say that I love your blog and I am glad that I found it through Stirrup Queen's blog. You son is beautiful and I hope you get your second miracle soon.
Bon Chance!

bleu said...

Thanks so much each of you, ever single comment means so very much to me. Each is like a private encouragement, my own private soul cheerleader that keeps me going when it gets hard.