Wednesday, May 23, 2007

because it makes me smile...

I am back in the 2ww as of today. One insem today and another tomorrow. I have the major Clomid bloat going on with lots of crampiness. I am glad to be back in a 2ww though, I always do better mentally during this phase than the waiting to O or waiting to flow phases.

I began this blog just before Bliss turned 4. The responses to his pictures have truly been so sweet and even healing to hear. I am taking this opportunity to post some of my favorite pics of my baby from his first day here. It is my way to share and gush all at once. There is also another great pic of the infamous hat (hint, hint).

The day of his birth.

The day after he was born.

My mama dog Dirt would always lay with us as he breastfed, keeping watch on my milkdrunk boy.

This picture is far to accurate an account of how I look naked these days.

SO darn cute it hurts. I LOVE HIS BOOTY!!!

This picture was the winning picture in the contest at our Cloth Diaper Service.

Such attitude, but with such humor as well, to me this conveys all that so well.

Hat picture.

One of my all time favorites. He loves water and liked playing in it, I loved the way the sun streamed in and the look in his eyes.

My other all time favorite. His eyes slay me.

10 om's.:

amyjay said...

He is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing; it made me smile to:)

bananie said...

makes my uterus ache for a successful pregnancy this month for you and me :)

i'm smiling in my cubicle...that's rare.

thanks for the amazing photos.

have you shared bliss' birth story here?
if not, i'd love to read it. he looks so content from day one.

Anonymous said...

He's so beautiful I just wanted to cry (good tears).

Demeter said...

I hope this round is the one for you bleu. Your son is such joy! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics of him.

bleu said...

I have decidedly not shared his birth story. I will probably do so if and when I am pregnant again and close to due. It was 99% everything I didn't want and it broke my heart. I had planned a homebirth and ended up transferring after 3 days of labor with zero dilation. I ended up another day later with a c-section and a nightmare anesth. who almost killed me twice. I still cry when I think about it and every year I tell Bliss the story, apologize and cry, but he likes it.
I will write it here someday in detail, but just not yet. Thanks for the lovely comments.

The Town Criers said...

I love the sink picture. Love it, love it, love it.

ohchicken said...

oh! i am sorry to bring up such a hard memory. forgive me if my question was out of place.

bleu said...

no no no no no, not at all. I was just explaining why I haven't put the story up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you asked because it seemed as if you were saying he looked so peaceful after his birth and imagined his birth to be wondrous. I love that because it is what I wanted for him, and when I see him in those pics I think, maybe it didn't mess him up like I feared. So thanks.

ohchicken said...

you're very welcome. and yes, i really do think he looks peaceful in those first shots, like he's really happy to be here, and this earth place ain't so bad. :)

marta said...

oh bleu, i wish you all the luck in the world this month!

bliss is an adorable child! i agree that he looks content and peaceful since day 1. thanks for sharing!