Wednesday, August 29, 2007

blood moon...

Did anyone see it? My roomie works nights and said it was incredible. It seems so appropriate to me. I am cycling with the moon again and this month the lead up was insane and then it turns out to be a true blood moon. Then Mega Millions rolled over yesterday to over 325 million. I am buying tickets today I swear it.

I am also trying to figure out what my plan of action is. I am looking at injectable IUI cycles at the fertility clinic and it would be out of pocket about 2 grand per cycle. I do not have trouble with egg finding sperm or timing, I have trouble with old eggs. So I have been looking into IVF in Mexico since I could drive down. If Sara or Calliope or any of the IVP women ever wanna go do a girls week/month and get matching IVF's together let me know.

My conundrum is this. Do I spend 2 grand for an IUI or 4 for an IVF? It will also pretty hard to do with a child in tow if I am in Mexico, and my roomie could probably come for a short time but it is all a lot to figure out. I hate when money has to come into consideration in all of this, but it is the reality and it does.

Anyhow I am heavily flowing preparing for this months try and planning another little get away with Bliss during the 2ww. I am trying not to be too down, it is hard though.

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j said...

I know it all sucks right now, but I have to say that the 2k IUI's sound a bit more reasonable. Part of the IVF experience that I've found so important is the connection that I have with my clinic. Seriously.

Also, the whole IVF cycle takes more than a week, so you'd have to be monitored in the US anyway, (I don't know if your u/s's are covered, etc, but plan on one a day or every other day from the time you start stims) and that can be a pretty big hassle, especially in another country, with your child in tow.

If you want to talk more about this, while the whole IVF process is REALLY fresh in my head, me at thelittlestpea at gmail dot com.

For me, the actual medical side of the IVF was a much bigger deal than I originally thought it would be.

The Fonaholics said...

Same eggs whether you do IUI or IVF...just have to wait for the golden egg. You might spend $8,000 doing 5 more cycles of IUI where you could do two cycles of IVF. Maybe the zona is too thick for frozen donor might do heaps more IUI's not knowing why your eggs arent fertilizing or implanting, and only one lot of IVF to find out what is going on. Just something to think about.

The Town Criers said...

I would also lean towards the IUI with injectibles just because being away from home for a cycle with a child in tow could be so stressful. It could also be amazing to be in Mexico, but...well...

Money is a consideration and not spending thousands doesn't mean that you don't want another child. It means that you make smart financial decisions for Bliss.