Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what there is...

there is the sore nipples for more than the past week
there is the left breast engorging (why only one?)
there is the slight increase in smell which leads to
the fact that my urine smells vaguely like cat pee
there is the being so so very hot (even with AC I had to buy a new fan)
there is the tiredness
there is the out-of-breath-ness
there is the shorter than short fuse
there is the slight crampiness
and all of this means...



I will start testing tomorrow
the thing is
I feel pregnant and dammit that just isn't ok
it breeds hope
it fucks with my head
it could very well all be progesterone induced symptoms
it makes me so nervous
I want this so badly

I know I know if I had a nickel...


5 om's.:

Sara said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that this is it!!

j said...

The mind f*ck is the worst but for you....I'm hoping for the best.

All U Need is LOVE......(and swimmers) said...

Bleu, I'm so hoping you get a BFP on your testing today!!!

Mermaidgrrrl said...

Good luck sweetie - I'll be keeping (a very tired) eye out for some good news I hope!

Lori said...

You captured those bated breath moments so well, where you are constantly scanning your whole body with a magnifying sensor.