Thursday, December 21, 2006

that face

This is the face I see everyday (this is actually also my current wallpaper on both my computers).
I would do anything for that face.
I am amazed each and everyday that I am lucky enough to be that faces mother.
I am his mama.
I still, even after 4 years, find my breath taken away daily by that face.
I still literally pinch myself at times when looking at that face.
I am glancing over at that face sleeping now as I type this post.
I am holding my lower leg against that faces lower leg so he feels me and sleeps more soundly.
I would have loved any face but I got that one and it amazes me.
It makes life worth every moment.
It makes me love myself more than I ever thought I would.
It makes me a better person and it is the hardest most terrifying thing I have or will ever do (and trust me, with the life I have had, that is saying something).
I want to give that face everything he needs, everything he wants, and everything he deserves.
I also want to give that face a sibling.
I want to give that face another face so that I do not smother that perfect beautiful face beyond what is best for him.
I am trying.
I am in the 2ww.

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