Monday, March 12, 2007


So it is here. I am back in the game it seems. It came back earlier than I thought. It has been 4 weeks since the D&C. I somehow figured it would take 6 weeks.

I am filled with emotions. I am happy to be able to start TTC again. I am worried if I don't get pregnant soon, and if I do.

I DO feel like with my flow came some vitality though. I worked in the yard today, hard and long. I did all the weed eating both back and front. I used my new blower/vac to suck up all the leaves and debris from that. I mowed both the back and front yard as well. It felt good to sweat and be filthy and then take a cool shower and clean off. It felt like a new start.

I am back on the road to having another child. Back on my journey. I felt like I was in limbo this past month. I have never done well in any kind of limbo, but I handled this one with grace and am allowing myself to be proud of me.

I am still going through the stages of grief, but they are OK.

I am OK.

I am flowing.


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