Sunday, March 18, 2007

on to "e"...

I finished my last Clomid last night. I am glad. I am lucky not to have extreme side effects from it but I have been having insomnia and I am choosing to believe it is from the Clomid. It was strange that I am on a higher dose and did not have hot flashes 20 minutes after taking this time. That happened before.

Tonight I begin taking Estrogen for 5 days.

My period is also finally over. My word it was heavy.

I have also ordered my vial, I am only doing one vial this time. I usually only have ever done one. This last pregnancy I had done 2 but the second insem was almost moot when I found my cervix had already closed and tilted back.

I made a nice Irish meal yesterday and even had a small glass of champagne. Bliss decided that he was done with all things green and wasn't interested in the green jello shapes I made him. He is not yet into jello which is fine, but I am not much into it either so it was rather a waste. lol Oh well, it was fun to try for him.

I am still isolating and really trying to work on it but other than that I feel pretty good, both physically and emotionally.

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charlotte said...

I hope this is it for you! You posted on my blog about some midwives who do fresh IUIs in SF. Can you email me some info about that...their names if you have them? And any other leads or info you have about this.

I SUPER appreciate it.

And best of luck with this try!!