Tuesday, February 17, 2009

beyond my current coping skills...

So I finally got to the storage place today to check on the stuff and see about grabbing a couple of things.
They only got it all there on Sunday.
My stuff is crammed into 3 16 foot units even though I asked for a 24 and was told he would likely use a 32 foot unit. I would rather have paid for a 24 AND a 32 and been able to see anything.
I cannot get to anything.
All the stuff that was so carefully packed so I could get to it upon arrival is lost to me.
All baby newborn necessity stuff is unreachable.
On top of all of this my stuff, our stuff, is trashed. There is a rip in my couch chair, the carpet cleaner is broken, the little ride on train for the baby is in pieces.
I am beyond devastated.
I of course call the second movers to register my alarm and complaint to see about filing a claim.
What am I told??
I am told that it was likely customs searching stuff that did it.
This is total bullshit, I know this but that is what they are saying.
And of course I have to handle ALL of this, me, the pregnant one, because I always do.
But right now I do not want to.
I am angry and pissed and upset and want to scream.
I see boxes back in the units, marked all over with huge FRAGILE letter half caved in on sides.
Until it is all unpacked I will not even know the extent of the damage.
I paid sooooooooooo fucking much money to have this all moved and I paid as much to the asshat second movers to move 700 miles as I did to the first to get it from California to Quebec City.
This is ALL the problem of the second movers.
I am gutted.

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Tobacco Brunette said...

Oh sweetheart! Oh god...I just feel awful for you. Moving when done well is so stressful, but this...ugh.

I can just imagine how exhausted you are and I'm so sorry you have to deal with this right now. I wish I could come help you. Do you have any local support?

Sending you love, love, love.


battynurse said...

Shit. I'm so sorry.

Billy said...

How awful.
You so don't need this extra stress.
~big hug~

Dora said...

FUCK! That's awful! Oh, hon, I'm so sorry.

You are such an amazingly strong woman, but this is too much. I wish I had some good suggestions for you. Just be sure to take good care of yourself and the baby.

MrsSpock said...

Ack! Those bastards!

MaverickMama said...

Your family is safe. These are things. Inanimate objects. We have connection to our things, but they are still things. It is horrible that your belongings were damaged. In 20 years none of the things will matter, but your baby boy Bliss and your baby will still be your priority. This is going to take so much energy to fix, and in the process be extra gentle with your family because they are what matters.

Love to you, I'm so sorry.

Maverick Mama

Anonymous said...

Ah Bleu, my heart sunk while I read your post. I was hoping that your move here to Canada would go smoothly.

Pepper said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I hope there are lots of miracles and pleasant surprises in those boxes and that the damage isn't as severe as it seems right now.

Susanna said...

ohhhhh nnnnoooooooooooo.. i am so sorry.

tireegal68 said...

Oh Bleu - how heartbreaking. Is there any way you can make them put it in a bigger unit?
I am so sorry. Give yourself some time before you deal with it - you need to recoup your energy.
sending big hugs and hope your way:)

eden said...

Oh BLEU. Please please email me your new address, I have stockpiled a few things for your bub and it sounds like you need them now more than ever. I have some new stuff and s few really cool things from Rocco.

edenriley at gmail dot com

I'm so so very sorry this has happened, so sorry. I hope you are ok - Bliss, too.

Hugs and love to you.


jay said...

ohhhhhhh no :( wish i could help in some way. i send hugs instead - small consolation, i know, but still. xxxx

Pam said...

I'm sorry the movers, and possible customs also, screwed up. Take a rest, but make sure you check your contract to see if there is a deadline by which you have to make any claims for damages. And go back to the storage locker and take as many pictures as you can as things stand now, and document as you open each box (when you reach that stage) BEFORE removing anything - pictures of the box, opened looking in etc. to ensure they don't accuse you of breaking anything.

Anonymous said...

hey bleu - thanks for the sweet comment on my blog this morning.

i've been following your journey cross-country (cross-countries) and was so sorry to hear it end with this frustration. hoping the damage isn't as bad as it looks (in the battered boxes) and you are able to enjoy your new city/home soon!

Catherine said...

I am so sorry.

Jennifer said...

What a pain in the rear...this is definitely their issue! I hope you can get $$$ for the damage!!!

K said...

Ugh. I am so sorry my friend - sorry that this happened at all and sorry that you have to deal with it from here. Take deep breaths. You'll get through it. You are so strong. Thinking of you...