Friday, February 27, 2009

update on dirt... (updated)

Dirt is ok, her surgery only took 12 minutes and they got great margins. We will not know the pathology for a week and in the meantime I had to go grab a onesie from storage so she won't lick or scratch her stitches. She has 5 stitches by the way, she gets them out next Wednesday.

She lost her nipple but she is really doing well and was very feisty this morning.

Both dogs are also doing great with the booties and with running out to potty in the snow now.

I am in hell with house hunting still and really not writing much and feeling pressured to find something. It will work out but I may not be as expressive as usual for a bit.

UPDATE: BTW the onesie was the vet's suggestion and it works brilliantly. Funny tidbit though, I grabbed the smallest one I own, and it is one that never even fit Bliss at birth because he was so big (10lb 1oz).

10 om's.:

Neenie said...

(((((((((((dirt)))))))))) hoping baby dirt feels well and is ready to conquer the world soon again! The onsie is freaking adorable though...heh heh....may be worth keeping the style after dirt heals! Hoping the pathology report comes back clean!
Sorry about the chaos hell with the storage/moving people/house hunting. Jeez man...I would feel so violated to have my stuff broken like that and I hope you can lodge a successful complaint and get reimbursed somewhat or just get some freaking justice!!!

Hoping that Canada is treating you well otherwise...I know some of the food is a little different and the milk comes in bags which still sort of freaks me out when we go. I'm like wtf but then at the same time, it's borderline brilliant :)

Take care of yourself and that big ol belly Bleu! All this moving and driving and stress canot be relieved with a big bottle of wine so you need to substitute with some good old fashioned rest & Relaxation (I know- wtf is that?)


xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox miss you & hoping the drama stays AWAY!

LJ said...

Dog + Onesie = cute overload. I hope the right place shows up soon four you all!

Billy said...

Glad the operation went O.K.
Hope for good results in a weeks time.

Catherine said...

OMG, Dirt looks so cute in the onsie. And what great idea to keep a dog away from stitches. My dog loves fresh snow, but not the slushy kind. I hope the pathology results come out good.

battynurse said...

Glad that the surgery went well and that she is doing ok. She looks so cute in the onsie.

Neenie said...

lolllllllllll ok ok that meme no no post was like a week after I gave birth so my excuse is that I was under the influence and never got cc'd.
I dont give a hoot if you meme me or not :) I never check up....

butterflyanla said...

Yay! so glad dirt is well again!

RM said...

Cutest post-surgery dog evah!

I really hope you find a great place soon and can start to nest before the baby's arrival. Sending you lucky house vibes!


MrsSpock said...

Glad Dirt is recovering well and I hope the path report is OK.

House hunting was an awful experience for me- I can totally sympathize. I hope you find something soon!

Deb said...

Glad that she is doing well. Hope you guys find a house soon.