Friday, February 20, 2009


Thanks for all the supportive comments.

I am still trying to sort out the storage situation and condition of much stuff.

We went looking at places yesterday, nothing yet but a possible possibility. We are seeing another place Monday and some others next week. I am trying not to get overwhelmed. My head has been a bit noisy lately but I am trying to shut it up and remain calm.

I am apparently becoming a cliche with the throwing up in the morning now and needing dill pickles to feel even remotely not queasy.

I have apparently stopped biting my nails, which is VERY strange. I have always bitten them. What is most strange to me is since I went off the pre-natal vitamin my nails are suddenly thicker than they have ever been and strong.

WHY? How is that possible?? The logical scientist mind in me is stumped and confused. I though third trimester is when the baby sucks the most calcium from me. Plus I am not eating much dairy. I have actually worried about my calcium intake (doc said stopping pre-natal was ok with the vomiting thing) and now I have strong thick, growing nails????

Some differences I have noticed here. Special K is not like in the states at all, it is like rice krispies more so.

Corn Pops are VERY different (not that I would eat them now) but I always liked them as a kid and here they are round and hard seeming. Bliss and roomie still like them, roomie says they are like when she was a kid.

It is hard to find sourdough bread, especially any SF sourdough.

Fast food is sooo much better made here it is shocking, soooo much less additive crap.

So nice not to have corn syrup in everything and be able to buy CS free bread easily.

At the store meats are sold by weight per Kg but specials are written on the little signs as weight per Lb. Gets confusing.

Milk is expensive. (another reason we need a cow)

Tortilla's are strange but we were in California which was heaven for good ones.

Great veggies and fruit and really reasonable prices which has shocked me.

Lots of snow, still barely wearing a jacket and loving it. Yesterday I got to drive an hour in a blizzard.

Baby moving a lot which makes me happy. Have taken 2 naps in the last week which were needed. I am finally to that must rest stage.

That's all for now.

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battynurse said...

Hang in there and good luck with the house hunting. Hugs to you, say hi to Lou and Bliss from me.

Peeveme said...

HI, Just catching up. Sorry all your stuff got messed up. Glad you seem to be settling in and finding your way.

MSEH said...

Yes, milk is outrageous - even more expensive in NS than NB, I hear. But, ditto on the other things, esp corn syrup.

Sorry to hear about your moving/storage fiasco. At least we don't have anyone to blame for our scratched chairs but ourselves!

Looking forward to hearing about what you find on the housing front - good luck and take care!

Anonymous said...

So interesting your take on the differences between Canada and the US. And you'll know you're truly one of us when you think part of the time in metric and part of the time in imperial. It's a weird mix we have going, I'll be the first to admit that!

And I'm so glad baby is moving a lot and making you happy! Go baby, go!

Billy said...

Glad to hear how you are settling in :-)
(but sorry to hear how you are still vomiting)

Pam said...

Glad to hear you're settling in. You'll also find that kit kat's taste different (I prefer the Canadian ones), that Smarties aren't what you would get in the US, and that we have some other candy bars that you wouldn't have been able to get in the US. I used to have to bring Kit Kat's, Smarties and Crunchie bars (chocolate covered sponge toffee) to a Canadian friend who had moved to the US.

Anonymous said...

I love this perspective of an American in Canada...!!!