Sunday, February 22, 2009

more stuff...

I almost forgot. Potato chips, same brand is soo strange. I do not eat them often but especially pregnant, even though I like salty while pregnant, because they always repeat on me. They have an after taste and a repeating thing.

In Canada.....they have never done either, at all. Even roomie mentioned how different they are. More potato taste and natural seeming. SO strange.

Also I have lost 4 pounds since we left the US, that is back in the negative numbers for the entire pregnancy. So weird but all is ok.

We got the storage redistributed today. The amount of stuff more we saw broken was just beyond comprehension. A vacuum cleaner literally broken in half, a cast iron bench with the iron legs broken, a tower heater with the entire casing shattered. Every corner shelf from the organizer closet unit broken (that's 5 shelves), our Ikea shelving units with shattered cubby shelves and bins. Our Rubbermaid bins broken in pieces with entire tops off and shattered.

It is sooo shocking. We are still trying to file our complaint with the company but they seem to never return calls.

I did get to some needed things though and now my printer is hooked up as is Bliss' computer so homeschooling can resume. I also got some TVs so roomie and I can relax watching when needed. I also finally organized the stuff in Bliss and my room and put stuff away so we got a lot done today and we feel much more normal.

Tomorrow we are looking at more property but it is far away so it will be a long driving day. Then a day to pamper Dirt before her surgery.

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Catherine said...

Glad you are liking are chips. Weird how food is different in 2 countries so close together. I am sorry so much of your stuff is ruined. Good luck with your house hunt!

owlie said...

how awful that so much was broken. something must have fallen on your stuff?

so sorry about your dog, may she recover in rapid speed.

how strange to notice such a difference in food!

sending you many settling in vibes and luck for when you look at property.

Anonymous said...

holy heck, what a disaster! i cant believe they did SO much damage to your stuff.

hope Dirt's surgery goes well, i'll be thinking of ya'll.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

That is so incredibly frustrating that you're not getting calls returned from the company. That is inexcusable.

It is funny to hear about what's different over the border. My friend tells me these things all the time because she's from the US and just moved to Canada.

annacyclopedia said...

It's mind boggling to me how badly the company is treating you - first they trash your stuff and then they don't return your calls? Have you mentioned to them that you are a famous blogger and one word from you will put this company in the bad books of literally hundreds of potential customers?

And I love hearing about what's different, too. So weird about the chips.

I'm still sending healing vibes to Dirt, and Lucky sends his butt sniffing love, too.

battynurse said...

Sucks so much about all the broken stuff. I'm sorry. That must be so frustrating. I hope you get some resolution with the movers.
Strange how the chips etc are so different. Do you have the same TV shows?? Or at least the ones you like?

R said...

Glad you are doing well.. i think food always tastes different in other countries... I just got bcak from Panama and I swear mcdonald's fries are NOT the same everywhere. lol

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that storage unit inspection revealed more destruction.

More on the food front - if you eat Grapenuts you'll find that they are completely different here - nowhere near as crunchy. I even wrote to Post, and they gave me some lame excuse about market differences. We've stopped eating them. And it's almost impossible to find canned pinto beans (except the really expensive organic ones), so we either import canned beans when we go back to the US or cook them from dried. And we eat fewer burritos (because one child still doesn't like them with black beans).

But little by litte we adapt to our new(ish) home. We've been here almost three years now - have become completely comfortable with Celcius temperatures, addicted to fresh baguettes from the Wolfville Farmer's Market, and more and more we are choosing to buy local products rather than think about what we would have had in the States.

The Fonaholics said...

Do you think it might be because the potatoes are grown in different soil? In Malta potatoes were like waxy and yellow, compared to how white they are in Australia... Just thinking out loud... I hope you can claim shitloads on your insurance and get nice new stuff!!

eden said...

How the f*ck can someone break a vacuum cleaner in half?? Beggars belief, man.

I get the whole different food thing ... when I was 16 I moved to England. The chocolate was creamier, and the meat was meatier. Odd.

I hope Dirt is ok, and you. And Bliss. And Baby. Your family :)

Billy said...

Really annoying!!!