Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have not been updating lately and i should be but I am just in limbo hell and never do well with that. If you don't believe me do a search for that word on my is never fun for me.

Anyhow we made an offer on a home and it was accepted. We are paying more than i want but we bought all 6.5 acres(it was listed for just 3) and in the long run it will be really great. I know this.


It has a tenant and so they will not close until April 30th. I am due the 20th although I do not put much stock in due dates. Bliss went 42 weeks and was forced out. But conditions have already been met and all has gone through and now it is a waiting game. The tenant could move out in a week, or not until July. There are very real legal issues with him and the current owners that make either time line a distinct possibility and there is really nothing we can do to help it along. I know that may seem strange since we have an April 30th closing but that is the facts and now we just wait. He is a nice man but frustrated at the owners because he was under the impression the house was being taken off the market.

But now there is nothing to do really. We cannot afford to be spending money, we do not have our stuff except bare bare minimum things. We have no idea what is happening on the moving situation and I am frustrated.

The rental we are in is expensive and we also have to pay a ton for storage which we really do not want to continue to pay. The bed is a hotel queen, so a small queen or a big full which is not ok for Bliss and I AND the new baby. I co-sleep. My choice, and something I STRONGLY believe in, and I am not sure how things will work at all if I am not out of here before I give birth. Our wonderful bed is still unreachable in storage and would cost a lot to have brought here to the rental.

I also feel like crap most of the time. I did get to a doctor's appt which got me a referral to an OB. The doc listened on her doppler and all was declared fine. She did nothing I can't do though so no news there. My fundus is measuring about 4 weeks ahead but it always was, the baby still seems small to me which is very strange and I look forward to getting some more info on that. The baby moves often though so that has been comforting.

I still throw up once or twice a week, tried a new med which has not done really anything. It seems I either spend a day sick and do not throw up or spend a day throwing up but feel better after.

I know things will work out but I am so frustrated. I feel like I am getting so crabby this week and I do not want my last few precious weeks with Bliss as just a twosome to be filled with crabby miserable mama so I am frustrated. The stress is also keeping me up at night. I expect that since my body has to gear up for waking all night soon enough but I am just yuck.

That is why I haven't been posting much.

It HAS been beautiful here, there is a ton of neat stuff I could say or show on the new place and Nova Scotia stuff, but I just want to be in our house first.

Sorry for the rant but I had to get it out to hopefully feel better.

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mulberry said...

sometimes crabby is what'cha got. you are doing fabulously my dear. you are about to pop and you bought a house that you think is gonna be a good one - with acres too!! but right now you are in crabby limbo, so cut yourself a break :) bliss is gonna be fine and so will you. you made a huge move in your life and didn't let the fact that you are preggers stop you from making it. you rock!

sandra said...

*hugs* been thinking about you all.

sandra said...

*hugs* been thinking about you all.

battynurse said...

Ugg. Sorry it's been so stressful. I hope things get worked out soon and to your advantage. Good luck and I'm thinking of you.

Billy said...

First congrats on the new house!

But, wow, not knowing when you can move into it, is very frustrating. Would be frustrating for anyone, but much more when you are also expecting the birth of your child at around the same time..

Sending you a very big hug, and one to Bliss too - hope you have a nice and relaxing last month of twoness :-).

Anonymous said...

wait...the morning sickness doesnt end?! aw, crap. :(

congrats on the new house. hope the tenant gets a move on, so you can get settled quickly.

R said...

Awwww... so sorry... :( Hugs and positive thoughts and energy to you my friend. But congrats on the buying of the new house.. check out that acrage!! You go girl!! :)

R said...

Awwww... so sorry... :( Hugs and positive thoughts and energy to you my friend. But congrats on the buying of the new house.. check out that acrage!! You go girl!! :)

Pepper said...

Congrats on the new home! It sounds lovely. And I hope you're feeling better soon.

Tobacco Brunette said...

Rant away, I say. You have certainly been through the wringer these last few months and I can't imagine how exhausted, frustrated, and just plain fed up you must be. It doesn't help that you're feeling like such shit all the time, too. So, rant away, darling. That's what we're here for.


butterflyanla said...

May good things come your way soon. Feel free to rant and vent to the end. I also do not like change, disorder or chaos. feel free to email em if you ever need someone (besides the masses) to listen.

Sonya said...

Great news!

MrsSpock said...

6.5 acres and a nice house sounds lovely, but no doubt I would be feeling crappy sitting in limbo- especially at the end of a pregnancy when having things up in the air goes very much against the grain.

I hope Mr Tenant finds a great place and gets outta there asap!

calliope said...

hey lady- so excited to hear more about the new house, but very much get how chaotic the chaos is.
hope you are doing ok!!

eden said...

Limbo Land Sux, however a new house on land sounds AWESOME. Soon you will be moved in and had the baby and it will be summer there and you'll be chopping veggies in the kitchen and it all, all ALL would be so worth what you've been through.

I was thinking of Bliss the other day! He randomly popped into my head. He's a special guy, who will do amazing things in his life and inspire others to be themselves.

But of course you know this already. SO much love and hugs to you Bleu. XOXOXOXOXOOX