Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If all goes well we will be moving into our new home tomorrow.


I have been too stressed about a lot that happened with the closing to write about it but it seems to be going through in time now.

Once there I will only have........wait for it.............dial up.

I know I know it is terrifying for me, but apparently there will be high speed where we live soon, hopefully within 6 months or less. I REALLY hope less.

In the meantime I will see how it is but it may take a few days before I can get it set up.

I am thinking, however, that tomorrow night I may get to actually sleep in my bed for the first time since January. OMFG I cannot wait!!!!!!

I am 37weeks and 1day today in case anyone is wondering. Maybe I will put a ticker up soon. Heh, I crack me up.

Anyhow I have packing to do, luckily not much, and a nap to try and take.

Oh and two more possibilities for middle names. Soul Echo, Soul Journey but I am still leaving it mostly up to Bliss and feelings when the baby comes.

Much love to all and thank you so much for the great support in the previous post. I really am ok, it was late night emotions that came up strong and writing them let them pass easier. There is no contact for those who do not know, I was disowned with lawyers and everything over a decade ago. I grew up with a man who believed, among other things, in euthanasia for all homosexuals. Good times!!

Anyhow I am ok, I just know there isn't nothing there and sometimes it finds me and I am confused.


enough of that I am soooo excited about moving into our home.

12 om's.:

LJ said...

Oh that is so fantastic! I am so excited for you!

I need your new address, missy!

Peeveme said...

Yea! I hope the move is easy. Very happy you will be settled. I love the new name possibilities. Maybe you can wait until she gets here and decide then?

tireegal68 said...

what a journey to get to this place! I am typing blind with black cat in front of keyboard and reaching around him to type
you are an inspiration to me and so many others
you are creating your own wonderful family and have been doing for so long it seems
many blessings and bliss and oms to you:)

Billy said...


And I just love your middle names! All of them :-).

Anonymous said...

Just the "canadian" lurker - "journey" is lovely, and seems so applicable to her/his pre-birth experience, as well as your own journey of many sorts

annacyclopedia said...

Oh, sweetheart, I am thrilled you will be sleeping in your own bed! You deserve all the comfort you can get in these last few weeks. Congrats on the house, but boo to dial-up. I'll be sending high-speed wishes your way!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Yay for the new home! Here's to an easy and uneventful move.

MrsSpock said...

Sleeping in your bed again will be wonderful- but only dial up? Oh no!

I can't wait to hear what you name your new little one.

battynurse said...

Yay!!!!! So glad you are moving into your house. I hope the move goes well. Miss you!

RM said...

I am so happy for you guys in the new house, and to be back in your own bed! And 37 weeks... I am on the edge of my seat, waiting for the birth... Good luck in the next few days, mama!!

Lizzie said...

I love all of the names you are thinking of. Just beautiful. Soul Echo really struck me. You are such an example to me of intentional living/life.

Anonymous said...

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