Friday, July 20, 2007

cd 12...

I am confused right now. I began opk's on cd 9, there was a line but not equal to or darker than. So on cd 10 it was darker than the day before. I was not sure it was equal yet but it was close. I was a bit miffed because the tank wouldn't arrive until Friday. That night it was about the same. Yesterday it seemed to be lighter both times, just great. This morning it was almost completely gone. I have had O on cd 13 or 14 always, on Clomid it would sometimes be cd 15. Long before Clomid I never had one earlier than cd 13 but this month is a break month, the drug has been stopped. That could have messed with my cycle I know so I am just unsure. I have had no EWCM or other signs. I do not temp. SO the tank came this afternoon. I did another test and it seemed a bit darker than this morning but still very faint. It could be from the whole after 2pm better for LH thing, or it could be that I will get darker and darker until a real surge in a day or two. I have no real way of knowing but of course this is the month I only got one vial. I will not waste it on today as I really do not feel I am about to or have just O'd.

If I do not get a surge and it HAS passed then I have a vial that I cannot send back. I also do not have my own tank or a place locally that would take it. I may try and buy my own tank on Ebay if I have to and just get it refilled when needed but that is so costly. I know I could then order a big amount of vials and keep them here and no longer have to worry about timing or paying those high shipping fees but I just am not sure. It seems like so much to think about today.

In the meantime I think I will make a homemade cherry pie.

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Great work.