Monday, July 16, 2007

cd 8...

Some things of note.

We went to Canada and got our visas signed. We now have permanent residency and can move anytime. I am very happy about this. We had a great, but long day when we went.

I am off Clomid this month and starting yesterday I have had no appetite. It is so strange. I am not sure what it is from and if it is related but it is very opposite of the norm for me. I am not complaining.

I have this deep fear I have been battling this week. I am terrified I am to fat to get pregnant. It stems from tons of stuff, but mainly from the fact that I got pregnant when I lost the weight, then I gained it all back while pregnant and now it is still on and I am still not pregnant again. I ovulate fine, my blood sugars are very normal and I do not have PCOS but it is a fear of mine. Some nights I wake up crying from worrying about it in my sleep. It sucks.

2 om's.:

Demeter said...

Welcome to Canada. You will enjoy it here!

Sara said...

congrats on the visas!