Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I called again today and I finally have the tentative schedule.
I start have a baseline u/s tomorrow and start Lupron this Sunday.
My cd9 u/s is scheduled for May 19th.
Retrieval will be around a week later.
Hopefully transfer will be 5 days after that.

I was surprised I start Lupron so soon.
I don't know why.
None of this is new to me but there it is.

I am so relieved to be starting things, even if Lupron will be turning me into a raving bitch.

I am also starting back on the Metformin Sunday.
Fun times.

Some dear friends stopped by last night last minute on their way out of town for a long while.
It was so good seeing them, catching up and having them see Bliss. It has been years but they are those kind of friends who you see every 3 years and it seems like yesterday. They were friends long before Bliss was a thought. They are so amazing and they are friends who will visit us up in Canada. I can't say many will but I know they will. It felt so good to feel that love. They are chosen family and I see so little of my old chosen family anymore. I see 2 here and one there every blue moon or so. The love doesn't change but it is still so good when I see them. Bliss stayed up until almost 11pm which is unheard of but he was having so much fun. They also had their sweet dog with them. Today I am tired but warm and fuzzy inside. It is a nice feeling.

Tomorrow I will post my review for Mother Talk as well.

In an aside I have a strange question for the blog world, especially if you are from the New york area. I have been banging my head to find this info out for a couple years and have not been able to. Rosie O'Donnell's kids go to school in NY. I am pretty sure it is a private school. Anyhow the school has a no media policy where the kids and parents sign a contract for no TV, no computers at school or home. She has spoken about it often and how much it changed their lives. I am not there at all but I am interested in the school. I really want to know what teaching methods it follows if any and the name of the school. I am currently homeschooling and will likely do so for a few years more at least but I research so many methodologies so often and cannot figure this one out. My MA is in Education as well so I am doubly interested.

Anyhow if anyone knows please let me know.

7 om's.:

Anonymous said...

Rosie O'Donnell's kids attend a Waldorf school, which is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

Pepper said...

I'm a research junkie so I just had to look. It's a Waldorf school. Not sure which one, but I get the impression that it's a type of school, almost like a Montessori is a type.

Pepper said...

Oh! And congratulations on being able to move forward! It must feel wonderful. I too was surprised that you start Lupron so soon, but it makes sense if they aren't going to down regulate you with BCPs.

bleu said...

Thanks so much to both of you. I know Waldorf methods and Rudolf Steiner's philosophies well. I am just surprised in all MY searchings I had never seen anything on it being a Waldorf School.

Thanks again, it has been bugging me for ages.

Anonymous said...

She mentioned it in the Q & A section of her blog a few months back - said she learned about Waldorf methods from Melissa Etheridge.

bleu said...

Oh cool. I haven't been keeping up with the Ask Ro section for a while. I will have to go back and look that up in archives.

Thanks so much again.

Deb said...

Glad that someone else knew. She said on Friday's Rachel Ray show that it is the Steiner System that they use at that school.

Hope you are feeling better and that the Met side effects go away soon.