Thursday, April 03, 2008


Hello blogland. I have been away a bit, sort of.
I got a new computer. It is an iMac 20 inch beauty.
I ordered it the night of the 30th and it arrived the 1st.
I have never owned a Mac.
I have been trying to get used to it while also merging everything off my old laptop.
It has taken a lot of time, plus I am learning how to work it.
I have called Applecare over 1 times already.
I find that so humorous.
I also found out it will not work with my color laser printer.
The printer is not mac compatible.
I did get a new multi sent though, will a $100 rebate.
I also ordered a USB touchpad.
I love the iMac and the new aluminum keyboard rocks but I cannot do a mouse.
I still need some USB headphones which I will get from the store tomorrow.
I have also been trying to get my old laptop ready for Bliss.
This will be his third laptop.
I am leaning towards tech nerd for future careers he may have.
I think that would be so cute.
Anyhow I have also been backing up all my pictures to .mac iDisk.
All of this has been while my ISP is trying to fix my less than 1Mbps problem.
They got it up to 8 which rocked but there is still a problem besides my own account.
They need another server and that may take a week or two so at night it is slow.
Bliss sleeps at night so I was trying to do stuff then.
I have not been getting much sleep.
I am having fun though.
I have a strange confession/question.
Has anyone every gotten motion sick from a video game?
I played a little mac download game with Bliss and almost threw up and had to stop.
Then today I got it again, only less so and I was doing email stuff.
I finally realized I had to remove the protective film because today it was blurring words which was making me dizzy.
I still think I cannot play certain games though.
I get that way at the arcade sometimes too, depending on the game.
Tomorrow I get another blood HCG test.
Last POAS was very very faint, a squinter really.
I really hope tomorrow it is zeroed out or at least under 5.
My 41st birthday is rushing upon me (in June) and I really want to get this show on the road.

p.s. the title stands for "away from PC"

3 om's.:

calliope said...

YAY for the mac.
Let me know if you have any mac issues. I have been nothing else since 1998.

will be thinking of you today & hoping for the less than 5 range.

you sound good.


butterflyanla said...

I have a Mac also, I have been a mac girl for a very long time. Do you just not like using a mouse? Because you can use a usb mouse. Also you can I believe use reg headphones and not have to waist a usb slot.

bleu said...

Yes I learner, after spending the day at 5 different stores that I did not have to use only a USB headphone. lmao

I have the mac smart mouse, but my hand is just not used to it and where I am set up makes it even harder. I want the touchpad to essentially turn my imac into a laptop.