Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I have still been bleeding. It is day 12 currently with only one day in there where I stopped. I have also been having small clots since that day that stopped. My doc says it is all just the HCG withdrawal causing me to continually shed lining but it is a pain. I get cramps on and off at the most random times. I have my next blood test Thursday but in my head I am preparing for May instead of April.

I have been having some awful dreams lately. So bad I am not about to write the details but they have really sucked.

We went to Cir.que Dre.ams: Jun.gle Fan.tasy this weekend. It was Bliss' first theatre show and we all dressed up and went to a restaurant beforehand. It was very fun and he really enjoyed it. We had front row orchestra seats so we could really see well. The second half of the performance he started getting antsy, and he spent the entire time asking if he could go on stage and perform. I really want to go to a full Cir.que show but there are none nearby. Hopefully we can see some in Montreal when we move.

I am still figuring out the new computer. It is causing me to streamline other areas of my life. Mac is so neat and clean that I have been on and off purging things in my life.

(Warning Mac talk ahead)

I enjoy Safari but not being able to see the connecting bar at the bottom of the page makes me nuts. I also have missed Goo.gle Tool.bar to no end. I finally downloaded Fire.fox because I missed it so. I still use both though. There are some search add-ons not available for Mac on Fire.fox (CNET reviews) but having the toolbar helps so much. I also really like the "restore session" capabilities on Fire.fox.

I was saving my pic disks to iDisk and one of them is messed up and another will not read. This is not a Mac issue but a messed up disk issue but it freaks me out that I may have lost some pics forever. I still have one flash drive to back up to iDisk and hopefully the pics are there. I lost many of Bliss' childhood pics during a very bad crash years ago and since then I have kept copies online at Shutter.fly, on the flash drive, and on disks. Even with all that I still feel I lose some here and there so I am paranoid. Shutter.fly download tool won't work with Safari which is another reason for Firefox.

I have gotten far too little sleep this week getting lost in my new computer.

Yesterday it turned off twice when I went out of the room for a minute. Not sleep mode, all the way off. Then it began turning off while I was working so I called Apple.care. They reset the hardware and told me to watch it closely and if it happened again to call so they could replace it since it is in the first 15 days and it would be a replace instead of a repair. I had it happen again about 15 minutes later. Then I found out the power strip plug was half out of the wall and my memory foam bed pushes up against it. So every time I got up it jiggled it and turned it off and then it would jiggle again when I sat down and I could turn it back on. LMAO I am so glad I noticed and did not send it my new computer all because the plug was unplugged.

So that is my excitement for the week.

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The Town Criers said...

That is so funny that it was just the plug out of the wall.

I hope the bleeding stops soon and you can get going with things.

I love that he wanted to get up on stage.

Where is the pomegranate layout? I loved that one :-) Though, the orange tree is quite nice too.

bleu said...

I am in one of those antsy places where I wanted to change everything. I tried 5 layouts before picking this one. I still have pomegranate available since I made it. It is a pain since I do it by hand so I do not lose all my links.

K said...

OK, as much as I would selfishly love to lobby for a May cycle so we can be preggo buddies when we get our matching BFPs, I'll cheer for good results on Thursday because more importantly, I want you to be happy and in motion. Love to you, my friend.

P.S. I really like the orange tree. A lot. :-)

Sara said...

So glad you enjoyed the show! Do you have a planned date for moving to Montreal?

bleu said...

Sara we are actually moving to New Brunswick, possibly Nova Scotia. Montreal will just be where we would likely be able to see Cirque du Soleil.

Roomie retires March 29th so it will be as soon as we can after that date. We will start packing up this summer and fall and put the house on the market in January.

calliope said...

I LOVE that you are introducing theatre now. I still remember the first show my Mom took me too - it actually set my entire life into motion.

As much as it sucks, I think the bleeding is good. It makes me really think that your next blood test will be right where you need it. Gawd I hope so.

I like the new layout. My only issue is that the orange print is a bit hard on my eyes- but that might just be me.

As for mac stuff- I really don't enjoy safari. at all. I only use firefox and love it.

We need to do a mac software swap!

Michell said...

The bleeding part sucks. Nothing like having a period for two freaking weeks. I hope it ends soon. This is comical about the plug in the wall. Other than that, I know nothing about mac. You did mention something about pics though that made me think. I save all my pics to my hard drive and do save a few to my flickr account but it probably would be a good thing if I also burned them onto a CD or something.

nancy said...

I'm currently in the midst of waiting for my own hcg to drop so it made me think of you. Of course, totally different circumstances, but still.

Just wanting to check in. Actually already read your entry, but I've not been the best commentor lately.

Glad you guys had fun at Cirque D----! I took the girls to the Wiggles on monday night. Oy. I think I am less smart due to attending.