Saturday, December 08, 2007


I have spent the day watching movies and eating and drinking pom and soda water.
I am a bit crampy but not bad at all.
I went to bed last night at 8pm which was great.
I got the call from the embryologist this afternoon. The last one didn't make it. So I have three embryos frozen. One grade 1, one grade 2, and one grade 3.
I will take that and try to remain very positive.
I will spend tomorrow in bed as well and then take it easy the rest the week.
I would like to get a hold on this ravenous hunger thing as well.

5 om's.:

calliope said...

wooo hoooo for 3 frosties!

you will have to let me know what movies you are watching.


Sara said...

Wow! 3 waiting in the wings and two working right now!

Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

that is interesting that you are hungry. I am 3dpd2t and I am ravenous too. I think it is stress eating. I just feel like I am hungry all the time and hungry for not on the diet food, donuts, creamy brocoli salad and stuff that I usually dont eat. Also drink lots of water, i seem to have headaches a lot lately and the water helps.

hang in there, the stress wont go away until the PT, praying for a BFP for both of us!

Michell said...

So glad that some made it through to freezing. Also that you had a nice relaxing weekend. Hope that in a little over a week you will have fantastic news.

Rachael said...

Good luck! I saw your comment on Stirrup Queens :) I like your intro at the top, too