Friday, December 14, 2007

7dp5dt (beta day)...


I spent the last two days crying pretty much non-stop. I am still crying today but not as much. Having a test of less than one means they never even implanted even a little. I will be doing an FET, hopefully natural except for estrogen and progesterone. I also want to do it next cycle so if I stay on the PIO a few more nights I can hopefully push my cycle back a bit so I will be ovulating the first week of January instead of the last week of December. We shall see if it works. I currently have a heating pad glued to my ass to keep the pain down, I am about to add Margarita's to the mix and it should improve even more.

So I had been doing fine with the PIO shots. I was able to use the 25 g needle which helped and it had been fine. I have lumps in my hips but the pain has been minimal. If I press down on the area it is a bit sore but otherwise OK. I alternated sides each night and had my calendar marked which side to do so I would not forget.

Last night I did my right side, no problems. This morning I woke up crippled on my left side. The lumps seem to have congealed together in the night somehow and I cannot manage to walk without this strange limp/hitch in my get-up thing. I am in a LOT of pain and it makes no sense. I used a heated rice bag this morning but it still is just killing me.

I would say that I am lucky then that my HCG came back <1 and I can stop the shots but even that isn't happening.

9 om's.:

aspiring baker said...

I am so sorry. I can only imagine how disappointed you are and I hope you give yourself the space to grieve and heal.

As for the PIO, I found that icing beforehand helped, as did rubbing it after. I also found it hurt more on my right side than on my left (weird).

I hope you're able to find some sunshine soon.

AJ said...

Margarita's are also on our agenda this weekend; I'll be thinking of you the entire time I indulge. And I'll just pretend your 'strange limp/hitch in your get-up thing' is just your pimp walk. I'm also trying to delay the flow, by giving my lining a stern talking to. I think your method will work better. I hope your okay and have found some reasons to smile today...if not maybe tomorrow.

P.S. I'm making HYO (heat your own rice bags as my x-mas gifts.

P.S.S. Can you tell I'm trying to cheer you up?

Michell said...

I'm so sorry. Hope the heating pad helps the soreness from the shots.

Declan's Mom said...

so sorry.

steinbockfrau said...

oh honey. I am so so so sorry.
This just kills me.
What is WITH the universe right now?!

Sending you lots of love.

lady in waiting said...

I am so, so sorry. I hope that the FET is the thing that does it for you. Hope that spending some time with Bliss will make the hurt go away a little. {{{HUGS}}}

The Town Criers said...

I am so sorry, Bleu. The pain in your hip seems like salt on the wound. I'm just sending good thoughts this weekend.

Sara said...

I'm so sorry.

vee said...

Shit. So sorry. That's just not supposed to happen.