Sunday, March 30, 2008

random thought/theory of the day ...

Firstly I am feeling way better today. I have had yucky cramps and am bleeding still but my mood is sooooo much better. The anger yesterday was honestly a hormonal thing. I once experienced it when on some powerful anti-inflammatory drugs. I was well aware it was irrational the whole day but helpless to change it. Anyhow today I feel calm and mellow and all around ok. THANK GODDESS!!!!!!!

OK, on to the title. I have what you would call a very active and very talkative mind. It never shuts up. The best I get during meditation is a whisper and that is huge. I have these strange random thoughts all the time along with the neurotic ones, the negative ones, and the total fantasy daydream ones. It is kind of like layers of thoughts going on all at once.

So the random ones sometimes have interesting (read strange) little theories and I thought I would start sharing them with you dear readers.

I also decided this because this is my 200th post.

So I have this theory that no one has a bigger index finger than their nostril. Big nostrils, big index finger. I also worry some poor people have had plastic surgery only to later find out, to their horror, they can no longer pick their noses.

If you are wondering how I came up with this theory, one way was with Bliss asking me to pick his nose quite often. I explain I cannot as it will not fit but it DID get me thinking.

Anyhow this may also give you all a small glimpse into the scariness that is my mind.

Thanks also for all the great support lately, it has meant so much as it always does.

6 om's.:

The Town Criers said...

I had never considered this before, but now I won't stop thinking about it all evening.

Michell said...

That is an interesting thought. I've thought about the aspect before that even though nose picking is socially unacceptable, most everyone does it on occasion. Glad your feeling a bit better.

Sara said...

that's a new thought for the day! I'm glad you are doing a bit better.

vee said...

Not that I've ever wanted plastic surgery to change my nose, but if I had, that would have put me right off! You'd be gutted if you only found that out afterwards.

Glad you're feeling more even tempered today.

tobacco brunette said...

I'm glad the anger is susiding. Sounds like a tough weekend, love.

As for the nostril Although you're right - my index finger does fit rather comfortably up there, now that I'm testing it.

Can't wait to hear the next theory.

treewater said...

Since fingers and nostrils seem to grow together, does that mean they were made for each other? ... I can totally empathize with the crazy state of constant thought - I think about random sh*t like that ALL the time :)