Thursday, January 11, 2007


I have written 4 titles and started 4 different posts. I have saved all as drafts. I just can't seem to finish any. I am stuck. This weekend begins the length of time I was pregnant when I had my previous m/c. I am in this frozen state I think. I just want to cocoon until next week. I don't want to do anything until I at least have my blood test results next week.
In other news I am feeling lots of swell things. I am having major dizzy spells today, even though I am eating constantly and resting almost all the time. My hair on my head hurts like crazy. My nipples still hurt, and I feel constantly like I overate. I am happy for every symptom. It is all just little reassurances.
I am sleeping better, I have a system down where when I wake up at 3-4 in the morning I take another progesterone and am able to fall back asleep. It seems like the insomnia with it comes about 4 hours after I take it.

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Demeter said...

I had insomnia my whole pregnancy! I hope it happens for you. Thanks for dropping by to my blog! At this time I can't imagine another one. It seems ovewhelming, but love to down the road!