Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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Stronger than Blood

Community is how I choose where I live.
Community is the women who are there for me
and who want me to be there for them,
the women who are real and present.

They are the women who respect me
and know that they are worthy of
the respect I accord them.

They are the women who make me laugh.
the women who make me cry,
the women who comfort me
instead of walking away
and complaining behind my back;
and they are the women who ultimately
appreciate me doing that for them.

They are glorious, magnificent, gorgeous women.

They are the women who are growing and
looking at themselves,
who dare to speak the truth and show what
they feel.

These are powerful women,
women with strong tears and deep feelings,
women who know themselves and know
their fears,
women face the world with their heads
held high,
and refuse to carry the burden
of society's idea of what a woman should be.

They are passionate, intense and bold.

They listen to the music of their souls,
and follow their heart's desires.

They are the women who walk with eyes wide
open and meet your gaze without flinching.

They are healed and healing.
This is my community.
These are the women who will drum
and sing around my body when I die.

Mikaya Heart - 1995

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Kim said...

I know this is an older entry, but I've just found your blog. That is one powerful piece! I've never heard of that writer before, so thanks for the intro.