Thursday, January 04, 2007

stomping poop...

I got to the lab in time, but there was a line, which is rare at this lab. The 10:30am pick-up showed up when I was waiting. I asked her if she could wait, she said she couldn't. I wanted to stomp my feet and throw a tantrum. I really think the progesterone is causing this overwhelming feeling of whininess. I said "shit!" I then apologized to the others for cursing. When I was called I looked at the tech, who knows me, and I said "poop" and she smiled and then took my blood. The next pick-up isn't until 4pm. I would have gone much later so I had a few more hours to increase had I known it would go like this.


:::::stomping foot:::::

I won't get the results until tomorrow. I will try and use this as an exercise in patience. An annoying, irritating exercise in something I am sorely lacking in.

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