Saturday, January 20, 2007


I get cramps. They freak me out. I worry when they get sharp or last a while. Let's face it I worry about every little thing right now. But why is it that when you are pregnant you somehow cannot tell the difference between uterine cramping, round ligament stretching, and tons of gas??


I get bothered by some small cramps, they start lasting a while and I get a bit more worried. Next thing I know they are really doing a number on me and I am laying down trying to deal with them and not freak out and then POOF I let one or four rip and I feel much better. It is enough to drive me batty, and I have taken to lighting incense just to be able to stand my own presence.

(On an interesting side note. Up until 5 years ago if I ever let one rip in front of a best friend or even a partner I would cry for hours. Pregnancy with Bliss cured me of that phobia. We do use the word "peo" in our house as it does seem to flow easier from my tongue than fart, but nonetheless I have come a long way to be writing about such things in a blog.)

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