Thursday, January 18, 2007

pleading the fifth...

Progesterone tastes nasty.
Do not ask how I know as I will not tell you.
Trust me, though, that I do.
It is very yucky.
Enough said.

3 om's.:

cristin said...

ha! do you take your prenatal vitamin and progesterone at the same time?

bleu said...

No, I take progesterone vaginally. Do not ask how I found out, suffice it to say it wasn't fun.

cristin said...

I take it vaginally too, but I line my vitamin and progesterone on the bathroom sink while i use the bathroom (too much info?) and have been known to grab the wrong one to pop in my mouth, it's never gotten that far, but i shutter at the thought of it going in my mouth. yuck.