Thursday, January 04, 2007


I swore I would never beg for comments when I began this blog. I was starting it for me, if someone else read it cool, but it was for me.


I want comments.

(Tangent: I am feeling so whiny and pouty it is ridiculous. I know in my head it is just the progesterone and other hormones surging through my system, but all I want to do is pout and have little fits. I am also out of breath every other minute. I was not like this, this early on with Bliss.)

So to reiterate. Comments. I want them. Please. Even just a hello. It would make me smile, and make my day.

Thank you.

9 om's.:

Anonymous said...

I have never commented before, but I've been reading your blog for some time now (I picked it up on Maverick Mama's blog). Congratulations on your pregnancy and may the rest of it be as horrible and hormonal as it needs to be to ensure a healthy pregnancy!

We'll be out here reading and rooting for you, sending good energy your way for this pregnancy to stick and produce another beautiful child for you!

:-) Mikki, Kelly & Our Little Honey

cristin said...

hi! i found your blog a couple of days ago and since I'm a blog stalker, yours is now one that I visit all too often. Sorry I didn't comment before, but I'm so happy for you that you're pregnant and that your betas have been awesome! I'm newly pregnant (7weeks and a few days) and have an almost 4 year old daughter (four in march) and an almost 2 year old son (two jan 22) named Avery and Travis. I promise to comment from now on.

And 'Hi!' my name is Cristin!

bleu said...

Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah,
Thank you Mikki, Kelly and your little one.

Yeah Yeah Cristin, Thanks so much for sommenting too.

I am so ridiculously happy!!!

I have been over-emotional all day so this is just a perfect ending to a very hormonal day!!!

cristin said...

LOL glad to have made you happy!


Anonymous said...

I've been having trouble commenting for some reason....probably because I converted to the new version of blogger. I read your blog frequently...and I'm really happy to hear of your pregnancy....feeling this bad needs company. heehee.

bleu said...

LOL, Yeah but I KNOW what I am in for. lol
Thanks for the comment. You are getting soooo close. I cannot wait to see your posts after the birth and after a few months. It will be so fun to hear how everything changes for you and how madly you fall in love with that lil one (even more than now believe it or not).

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize you are such a blogging moma....;) maybe there is something to it. umm then again maybe not!!
Ciao bella

bleu said...

Il mio amico, la mia famiglia. Come li manco. Grazie per commentare, grazie per fare parte della mia vita. Dobbiamo riunirsi e cucinare presto.


Anonymous said...

Awwww !! See in between firing contractors, spitting at Walmart, keeping my woman calm and
rehabbing 2 homes I still have time for you?¿ lol That was very sweet. I miss you too
doll!! Un bacio


Impressed indeed!