Friday, October 26, 2007

back from RE...

WOW, I am actually feeling a bit excited.

I spent the week at the chiro and acu and have been feeling amazingly better since. Today was my u/s and blood work at the RE and I am feeling pretty excited right now.

First off I have been so worried about cysts or fibroids and I am completely clear. They used the speculum and then inserted and catheter into my cervix, then pumped the balloon to keep it into place. Then they took out the speculum and put in the u/s wand and then after looking around injected sterile saline to check things out. I have a very smooth walled uterus and everything looked perfect. I had at least 5 antral follicles on each ovary which he seemed really pleased with for an un-medicated cycle and only 6 days into my cycle. I have Go*ogled this already and have no idea what to think but I think I will choose to not dwell on the possibilities.

I was able to go over the 32 questions I had and he answered every one. He also listens and when we discussed Dexamethasone he said he usually used it with cases of endometriosis and I said ok but I had wondered with my history of Hashimoto's and the antibodies in me even though they are down to a pretty good level. His response was "oh, yes, I hadn't thought of that and in your case I can see that could be a good idea so let's order that as well." Having a doctor listen and change his protocol to better suit me is such a huge plus in my book.

I also showed him my food journal from this past week I have been on his EZ Diet and he really looked over every single day and told me he was impressed and that I was really sticking to the diet exactly. I told him I am an all or nothing kinda gal and then I launched into my questions about the diet. Here is what he told me. He said fats and oils are NOT a problem, truly. He said don't go nutz but putting half a stick of butter on popcorn is fine!?!?!? He said using olive oil in cooking s great. He said the diet is NOT a low Glycemic Index diet and that he felt the GI index was one of the great shams of the past century. He explained it does not measure something that may take an hour to spike but then spikes 20 times higher than something else considered bad. His diet is a Low Insulin diet and through his years researching and testing it he found what has to be avoided. That is why low fat yogurt, which has a low GI, is bad because it gives a huge delayed jolt of insulin. He said sour cream is questionable and enough research hasn't been done on that one so use it lightly, cream cheese is ok but I would still go sparingly myself on that one. He also mentioned that mayo, so long as there is no sugar or flour (i.e. homemade) is perfectly fine as is cheese and all other dairy, even whole milk dairy. He said sweeteners of almost any sort are not ok but that Stevia had been tested to be ok. I do not use the powder but it is used loose leaf in Yogi Teas which I love. He said that was especially ok. He also said the Cheat Day after the first 4 weeks are over is THE ENTIRE DAY, not just a meal. WOOHOO!!! He said after the first 4 weeks to really follow the cheat and bad food list add in guidelines so your body doesn't go on maintenance for what you have been doing.

Can y'all see why I am so impressed with him? I told him he needs to write a low insulin index book and he agreed.

He told me they were sending the Rx's to the pharmacy and that I would get sent the shot schedule with the Shot Class info and the Embryologist class info as well and all was perfect for the last week in November. I then got 4 vials of blood taken and signed a few forms and was done, all in an hour from start to finish.

I am pretty excited to tell the truth. It feel much more real and much more like things are progressing now. I am sure in another week I will be going bonkers once again, but for now I shall just enjoy.

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Sonya said...

I am SO happy to hear some good news!!!!!!!

owl said...

Wow! That sounds like a great RE visit. I hope this is the start of something amazing for you. May it happen quickly and calmly and healthily.
so please your girly bits got the all clear!

lady in waiting said...

Ok first of all, your RE is AMAZING. You're not on the east coast are you? I realize it doesn't say (because I might want to get in on that!) I love how he listened to you and answered all of your questions and most of all, took your advice on the dex! I think you hit the jackpot with this one. Honestly his diet ideas sound spot on too. Most importantly, how excited are you for an entire cheat day!!??
Thanks for the helpful advice you've given me Blue, I think you are sort of like an angel for me. I am so happy things are progressing and you are feeling good. You deserve it for being such a kind soul.

bleu said...

Thanks SOnya, and you too Owl!!!

bleu said...

Lady in Waiting you are so thoughtful, Thanks so much.
My RE is in Davis CA at Davis Fertility Center.

calliope said...

hurrah! It sounds like a perfect RE visit. 5 antral follies sounds very promising, girl!

lady in waiting said...

i keep checking for an update! it's been a week :)
i hope you and little bliss had a fun halloween.

bleu said...

LIW I swear I was hitting post on the new post as you hit post on this comment. Thanks for asking and caring, it means a lot.