Thursday, October 04, 2007

more news...

I broke down and called back to ask if they knew anything. I finally got to talk to the girl who does all the insurance stuff. There was good news and waiting a month news. I have great coverage for what is covered but some things require pre-determined authorization. It is all about the codes and what are ok and what require pre-approval. I was told there is no lifetime max for what is covered which is great news. I was also told as far as IF and IVF insurance I have some of the best. It is just a company known for making people jump through lots of hoops (isn't that all insurance), and it is known for taking there own sweet time to pay out, but apparently that shouldn't concern me. I was told that was there problem.

So she told me they would submit for all required procedures that need pre-determination now and that I would hear back within 30 days of what they decide. So you see, much is very good and some is annoyingly postponed. I am very grateful I have this insurance now, but it still has me on pins and needles a bit.

I hope to try and be positive, relax, and hopefully sleep a bit better now.

2 om's.:

charlotte said...

I am so happy you have good insurance. That is so great. You know all about hoops. You can do hoops.

gold star said...

This is thrilling.

Hopefully you won't need it.

But thrilling all the same.