Friday, October 19, 2007

the latest...

I spoke to the clinic and they said so long as I was on BCP I could get the saline contrast ultrasound after my period ended. They sent in an RX for it for me yesterday and roomie picked it up on the way home today. That is a big monkey off of my back. I am on Yasmin is anyone has any info or was wondering.

In other news, old news, I am still not flowing. I cannot believe this. Yes I have POAS and it is still very negative. Then last night I see some EWCM and just about flipped out. I took an OPK just to see if things were REALLY messed up. Thankfully it was also very negative. The thing I have been afraid of and worrying about is seeing a very very late positive and then having to worry about an ectopic pregnancy or a very unlikely one that would just simply delay my IVF and make me nuts. I am glad that does not seem to be the case, but if I do not start by the end of this weekend I am really going to lose it.

I have been on my eating plan week off and pigging out on everything I can think to try one last time before starting the new plan. I have not felt great and have over-indulged twice in a way that made me feel just awful. I am also thinking I will only take one day off for thanksgiving because it will be so close to the ET but I may do 2 days, but not a week like previously planned. I am also thinking I will not take Halloween off, I will just eat some candy tomorrow since it is the last day of my week off.

I will also be doing the treadmill every other day for 30 minutes for the exercise portion of the new plan. I really enjoy the treadmill, but much more so when I weigh a little less than I do now. I am not sure if that has to cease in between the ER and the ET or the beta.

Anyhow maybe I need to light a red candle to encourage this thing, but I feel bloated and pent up and miserable and really just want to get going.

2 om's.:

Sara said...

Sorry you're having a rough time. Sending you good thoughts.

bleu said...

Thanks hun, you are such a luv. I held onto your posts about the same thing during this hell.