Monday, October 15, 2007

on to the next thing...

Still negative as I assumed. I should be getting af anytime. This morning I am a bit crampy so maybe today, we shall see. I am waiting to actually see af before calling the clinic to get on the schedule for IVF in Nov.

I am taking this week off of my eating plan as well. I am eating all the things I have missed and then next week I will begin the EZ Diet for the IVF. I should have 4-6 weeks of it before ET so we shall see. I will, of course take Thanksgiving off though.

I am doing ok. Yesterday we went on the Spookomotive Train and took a carriage ride. Bliss for a caramel apple too, he is happy. I may post pics later if any come out good. We took some carriage ride pics like the one in my profile, but unless I don't hate it you may not see it.

We have a huge spiderweb on the front of our house and we also put one of those big garbage bag spiders out there. I love this time of year. I wish we were in Canada, but still, we have had some rain of late and the trees are turning.

I will post more when I get the schedule.

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Sara said...

Sorry about the negative, but I'm glad there is much hope for the future! Glad you are enjoying the weather/season!

gold star said...

I too am sorry this last cycle didn't work, but am so happy to welcome you to the land of IVF! This is so going to be it for you, I can feel it. Will you be doing accupuncture?

Am so glad your diet is working so well for you. I look forward to hearing how the EZ diet goes.

bleu said...

Thanks. Yes I will be doing acupuncture with an IVF acupuncture clinic. I will go there instead of my usual guy since they specialize in fertility and ivf and my guy does not. I will go once next week and then before and after on ET day and then once between ET and beta.

the owl said...

crap, sorry its another BFN, but like gold star said welcome to IVF i am sure it will work quickly for you too!

(this is my second attempt to comment, I am not sure if the first one worked. gnore this one if the first one did work and you just haven't moderated it yet!!!)

bleu said...

aw thanks owl, this is the first comment to come through.

I hope some wonderful new is coming your way