Wednesday, October 17, 2007

going bonkers...

Oh for fucks sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I did call the clinic, the very day I said I was waiting of course. They were great. As soon as I get af call and they will get me in on cd2-5 for a saline contrast ultrasound, then I will start bcp on cd3. I will be having the ER the last week of November and the ET either later that week or the first week of December depending. Great, ok then, lets get this show on the road, except now my period won't start. I am 15dpo today which is just an insanely long luteal phase for me who has notoriously short ones. AND THIS IS A NATURAL MONTH!!!!!!!!! Last time I had a natural month, just three cycles ago, I had a 10 day LP so WTF???

I am having roomie pick up dollar hpt's today on her way home from work just because I figure getting them may bring on af. I tested Monday, not even an evap. line. I am not pregnant, but of course my body is reacting to my head and not starting just to mess with me. The other strange thing, my ovaries have been aching. Whatever.

I will post more when I finally bleed, but this is so annoying.

2 om's.:

Erin said...

Oh how frustrating. We're with you on this. Hang in there.

bleu said...

Thanks hun, it means a lot.