Monday, October 22, 2007

let the sun shine.... (updated)

That song has been playing in my head since waiting to flow. I have felt like the sky would open up and that song would be booming down on me as soon as I finally started.

Well, late last night after two days of herbal teas of ginger, licorice, Don Quai, and chamomile and at almost 20 dpo I finally started. And it came on with a vengeance. I was up on and off through the night with such a horrid headache. I also had neck pain that make me sick to my stomach. I finally took pain meds at 3am. I woke up in bad shape. I ate some eggs to try and soothe myself after a small glass of milk. We planned a trip to the pumpkin patch today. I was so sick this morning from such severe pain I ended up vomiting my whole breakfast.

I also woke up with police dog nose. I have been having it for the last week or two, like when I was pregnant, but I have been very aware I am not pregnant and I have not understood why I am experiencing it. It also is worse some days than others. Starting yesterday it began to become intolerable. Today it definitely added to my throwing up. I made it to the patch with Bliss and we had a pretty good time but I was feeling just awful. The drive home (about 45 minutes) I got so bad I just cried and cried.

I am sure it is a combination of things. Going off coffee and sugar and all breads and getting a very delayed period all at basically the same time is not so great on me apparently. I have been alternating ibuprofen and arnica and lots of water and baths. I am feeling a bit better this evening but the neck pain and headache are still there in the background. I really think it was a migraine. I do not suffer from them, but I could not believe how bad it was, it actually frightened me a bit.

I start BCP tomorrow and have my saline contrast u/s on Friday. They will also do blood work stuff then. On Thursday I have my first acu. appointment with the IVF acu. I am not real thrilled with this office thus far, even though I have yet to see anyone yet. I decided to check out a chiro. in my network because of my neck and found one very close to my house that is a chiro/acu clinic. I will try and get in tomorrow and will ask if they do IVF acupuncture and see how they are. I just do not like what a hassle this one has been thus far so we will see.

I just want to get through this week, get on BCP and see the RE to get all the questions I have been jotting down answered and get past the first week on the EZ Diet and off coffee.

UPDATED: I wanted to add something to really bring home how awful I have been feeling. Yesterday I weighed myself and I had gained back 10 pounds. Yes in one week 10 pounds. I was devastated but knew I was bloated from impending period hell. I just weighed myself this evening, even though it is only about 24 hours into my period. I weigh 8 pounds less. Eight pounds people, that is how much pressure and misery I have had pent up inside, how much bloat and suffering. I am in shock, well I was in shock yesterday but I am in even more shock right now.

4 om's.:

owl said...

I am glad you are close to starting and that AF has finally arrived. I had police dog nose this month around AF too..I wonder what that is about??
i hope the week passes quickly for you and that your RE has all the answers you need!

gold star said...

oh honey that's just horrible. you sound like you're taking very good care of yourself...but that sounds positively miserable.

I'll be thinking of you and hoping for this to pass quickly and for your strength and energy to return.

The Town Criers said...

Holy shit--10 pounds! I hope everything dissipates and you start to feel better soon.

lady in waiting said...

Ok, I am so sorry you were in such tremendous pain. That entire story sounded so awful it nearly made me cry! Thank goodness you lost all that bloating weight. I have never heard of so much water retention, short of OHSS (which I was unfortunate enough to experience). I know how uncomfortable and painful retaining all that is. So glad you made it through.
And thank you for the comment on my blog :)