Friday, November 09, 2007

my child...

When I was pregnant with Bliss I am said the one thing I wanted more than anything, after health obviously, was a child with a sense of humor. I got my wish in spades and daily he cracks me up in new innovative and imaginative ways.

Bliss likes to make up words. I also did this throughout my childhood. He loves the word "taint" but it means something yucky or something he doesn't want to do, he will say "That is so taint!!!" He says all sorts of made up words all the time, some are just him playing with sounds and some he gloms onto for longer periods of time. Sometimes the words are utter nonsense sounds and sometimes they sound like words in the English language but they are not meant for the usual definitions.

Today Bliss started saying "I am so kunt." Then he said "That is so kunt" and laughed and laughed. No before you ask I will say that is not a word that has ever been used in front of him. First of all he doesn't do it that way and secondly I am the clingwrap mama who is never away from her child, no daycare, no babysitters, just me, so I know he has not heard it. Plus if he uses any word sounding like "stupid" (one of our bad words in this house) he always gives a look real fast like he knows he is skating on thin ice. So next he asked me if I knew what cunt meant and I said no what does it mean baby. He said it meant something was really really silly. LMFAO

I explained that that word was also a real word, and to many people it is a curse word or a vulgar word so it was probably a good idea that he doesn't use it anymore. I can just see the next time we go to the movies Bliss yelling out "That is so kunt!!" Not a great picture.

But still, he cracks me up to no end, and every day, no matter how bad that day may be, I laugh, a lot, because of my Bliss.

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owl said...

Sense of humour was on the top of my wish list too for our child...she makes me laugh daily!

kunt! is hilarious! it could cause some very awkward moments...but it is very funny!