Thursday, November 22, 2007

what I am thankful for... *

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Happy Thanksgiving

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The Fonaholics said...

Would you believe i have no idea why you guys celebrate Thanksgiving.. something to google and edumacate myself on... Have a happy holiday anyhow, hope the stims are going well..

bleu said...

I do NOT celebrate what it stands for at all. The "pilgrims" feeding the "Indians" and all the myth and lies in that story that was just a further way to invade and colonize and repress the Native Americans is not what I celebrate.

I treat Thanksgiving for what many others do, and much more what Canadians do. I treat it as a harvest celebration and a day to be with family and to spend time thinking about and discussing all of what we are grateful for. Plus it is a great excuse to cook fabulous food.
Take care.