Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had my u/s this morning to see how I am cooking the eggs.

The doc was wonderful as usual.

The good news is I had 8 follies on my right ovary. All were between 11-15 in size. My lining was 13.2 as well which was great.

The not so great news was my left ovary was hiding. He spent a LONG time looking and I even go up and went pee during the u/s to try and help the glare my bladder was throwing on things in there. He finally said he thought he saw it with 1 inside but to be honest he was not sure. He said the follies could just be real small so far, or it could be my right is just doing all the work this cycle, or it is still hiding and we will see it Friday. (on a side not at my clinic the Doctor does all the u/s's himself)

I am a bit bummed about that but happy about the 8 on the right. The weird thing is that I have been feeling my left ovary more than my right the past few days.

I have my next u/s on Friday morning and he think my ER will likely be Sunday but will know for sure Friday.

I have the Egg Class (embryology class) tonight and acupuncture Thursday and besides that I am just doing my shots twice a day and trying to be positive. I am starting to feel the stim bloat which I am sure will get more and more uncomfortable over the next 3 days.

If anyone has a history of the hiding ovary I would love to hear stories. I have never had this happen before so it is the one thing my mind wants to obsess on.

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calliope said...

what a great scan! Even with the shy ovary!

I have had a shy ovary before and had u/s tech try to give me all kinds of wonky reasons for it- the post popular being that I am tall. WTF?

Hopefully your next scan will give you a better picture, but this is all sounding really great!


Sara said...

Leftie was ALWAYS hiding. My right one: bleep, right there on the screen. Leftie did plenty of the work, but it was always behind things. They always told me it was nothing to worry about... After so many months, we were used to the tech leaving the room to fetch a more experienced person.... it was part of the routine, I guess!

Lots of luck growing those follies!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous here, I started reading your blog when you put the EZ diet out there, and have commented a few times. I also am doing accupuncture and somewhat of the diet you are on, I am also doing Rasberry leaf tea... I am also stimming about the same as you, my u/s was today and there were 3 follies on the right side and they couldnt find the left ovary, said it might be resting this time, after a lot of prodding he thinks he found it and it looked like there was one tiney follie in there, he said to wait until my next ultrasound to see if anything more progresses. My RE said that sometimes, not often, one ovary doesnt produce any eggs, could be that "older age" thing he said.... Hope all goes well on friday, I go in on thursday and start my ganorelix tomorrow night, one more shot to add to the mix.

Pray for lots of follies.

owl said...

my FS would alwasy have trouble finding my right ovary, or getting a good look at it (this cycle was almost cancelled because he decided he coudn't see a follicle on there). Usually to find it it would require painful pressure on my abdomen, by me, while he moved the wand around. it hurt A LOT but he would always find it. I think it is hard to find cos i am fat.
Will you be sedated for the egg pick up? it will probably be easier for them to find it when you are sedated. But 8 is great! i am really happy for you.

Michell said...

Glad the scan went well and hope that all goes well tomorrow and that you have lots of eggies.