Friday, November 30, 2007

friday u/s...

I had my u/s today.
I even drank about 48 oz. of water this morning and had a cup of coffee just to try and make sure my bowels wouldn't be something that elusive left ovary could hide behind.
Between the anxiety of it coming so soon and the caffeine (which I usually do not respond to) I am have been pretty hyper and jittery today.
The u/s was great, the right one was "showboating" as the doc puts it and had tons of big ones. The left was elusive but he spent even more time and finally had the assistant press on my belly when I said I was sure it was high up. I pressed with her really hard on my belly and it rolled into view. There are 2 mature follies in there so I am super happy. They also counted 10 on my right.
I am listing them just for suture reference.

Right Ovary


4 others < 10

Left Ovary




So I have 10/12 mature which I am over the moon about as is the doc. It was also so neat because all women who had been at the egg class were before and after me and we were all able to cheer each other before and after our appointments. Also the staff would all wait in the hall to hear the news after each u/s and get super excited for each patient too. They were also decorating a gift bag for a woman coming in later for her last u/s before being discharged to her OB. The bag was a "mommy gift bag" and one of those personal touches that makes me love my clinic.

My ER will be Sunday, I will find out the exact time later today. So tonight is my trigger shot.

On my way home I picked up fast food for lunch. The doc says to try and stay on the maintenance phase but if I go off here and there not to stress that they have already grown. He also says that lowering stress is more important than following exact, so hence the burger, fries, and soda today. I will try and stay on track as much as possible though. I have done well thus far for 1.5 months following exact so I am giving myself a little latitude here.

I am good otherwise, just excited. I got an early x-mas gift of a bio-feedback computer game I am going to try out starting today so hopefully that will add to me staying calm and focused.


8 om's.:

Pepper said...

That is an amazing follicle report! Congratulations!

Kim said...

What great news, Bleu. I'm so glad that your scan went well! 12 nice fat follicles sounds fantastic to me. :-D

Michell said...

That sounds great. All those follies. Good luck with egg retrieval. That does sound like a really great clinic. And oh fast food sounds so good right now.

owl said...

pefect numbers! yay! so excited for you. sending lots of luck your way for epu and fertilisation.

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Very happy for you and good vibrations your way!

lady in waiting said...

are you serious? i am so impressed, you are literally bursting with eggs! you're going to have enough left over for baby #3. wow!! can't wait to hear how the ER goes. GOOD LUCK!! xo

Sara said...

Wonderful news! Congrats on all of the beautiful follies!

calliope said...

wooo hooooo!!!
that is a most kick ass ultrasound!

Happy triggering!