Saturday, January 05, 2008

the storm...

I live in Northern California. There is and was a storm here. Three to be exact. Yes there was high winds. There has not been even half the rain they predicted. California is a huge hypochondriac when it comes to weather. We get half an inch and we have 24 hour news coverage for STORMWATCH 2007 or whatever.

I am on hour 32 of no power.This is not a line down. My across the street neighbors have never had any power loss. This is all because a transformer blew, it does so often. We, however, are low priority. So now I have a 43 degree home for the past day, and all my food thawing. I went out and got a mini propane stove to cook a little and boil water for tea and coffee. Still no power and no estimate of when it will be returned. It is also roomie and mama dog's birthday today. They share a birthday which is so appropriate, and I feel so badly for them both.

I finally went out and bough a generator for over $900 which I charged and it killed me. I cannot think what else to do. It is cold but not cold enough to preserve all the food in both freezers and refrigerators. We now have them back on and my son has his Gamecube for a bit which makes his whole life happy (rolling my eyes).

To top this off I ordered an Almond Torte, Cannoli and two Cheesecakes to be over-nighted from Veniero's in New York. My roomie grew up there and loved the place so I get them sent every year. Well UPS says they tried delivering yesterday, which is a lie, and the package had no signature required as well. We were home all day yesterday specifically to get said package. They also delivered something to my house at 6pm and it was not the treats so they cannot say it was the storm. We paid $120 for the shipping alone and now they tell me they will re-try on Monday when the stuff will surely be spoiled. I am refusing and working with the shop, who are great and just as ticked BTW, but it just adds to my mood for sure.

Adding to all of this is the horrid news Cali got this week. I am so crushed for her, so deeply crushed. I feel like I was way to positive about it and it has really taken me for a loop. Please send her so much love right now.

I AM happy that this is not my FET week though, now that would have really put me over the edge.

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Michell said...

Sorry about all the trials this weekend. I didn't know you were in Northern California. UPS is so frustrating. I'm sorry you didn't get your package. I hope your power comes back on for real soon. Hang in there.