Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So the period, the cleansing, came with the rain period was more of a flood. My goddess it was rough. I lost massive clots and over 10 ounces in 2 days ( I use a Diva Cup and can measure pretty easily). I was a bit worried but then it died down real fast. My thinking is that the low progesterone caused the lining to slough off pretty fast, thus the major clot and blood loss.

In other news the Clomid is going fine. I have not had many side effects as of yet. I know I get warm in the middle of the night (I take it before bed) but it doesn't really affect me. I have had to wake up at 3am the last 3 days to pee which is not usual, but no biggie either. I have 2 more days of Clomid and then on to the Estrogen.

I had a dream/nightmare that I had triplet girls. This would be such a cosmic joke but even though I would adore and love any and all children that I am fortunate enough to have, I would worry about Bliss being that outnumbered. We live with his Aunt (chosen family/roommate who will always be our family) and our 2 female dogs Dirt dah Der and Henrietta (Dirt and Henri for short). So were that unlikely feat to happen he would go from 4 to 1 ratio to and instant 7 to 1 ratio. Pretty rough I would imagine. The opposite would be scary as well though. Triplet boys would mean I would never be able to feed all of them when they were teenagers. lol My word can teenage boys eat!!!!!!! Anyhoo I am open to whatever the universe has planned for me but dreams can be pretty shocking.

I am going to try and post some pics soon if I can figure it out.

Tomorrow I am taking my Blissl bowling, there is a lane nearby that has the cutest lil helper ramps for lil kids. I never had that as a kid, it is just adorable. I will see if I can get some pics.

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