Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So I got an even opk last night. Today I woke up and it was definately darker, a positive. The confusion now ensues. I used to know my cycles so well. Before I had Bliss I was very knowledgeable with all things pertaining to my body. Now.... eh .... not so much.

Last year when I was ttc with the thyroiditis my cycle was very short and even if I knew it, it wasn't ok so whatever I knew doesn't count. Now, it has been so different since getting healthy. It has slowly been getting better but one month it is 23 days then 26 days then a 24 day cycle. Now on Clomid things are different again and it makes me nuts. As far as opk's I always, even prior to Bliss, would get a line and it would darken and then it would be a definate positive for about 24 hours, then it would fade again. Last month it was darker for over 2 days. That has never happened, but I do not know if that is the new regular thing, or a freak one time event.

I now have to decide when to get inseminated. I am of the mind to either have it done tonight or tomorrow. I am just not sure which is best. If I do it tonight, and I do not O until Friday it will be a lil early. If I do it tomorrow and I O tomorrow it could be a lil too late.

I am so ridiculous I even asked the Magic 8 Ball ( ) which day I should do. It was confused too.

So I will keep doing opk's today and try and figure out when is best. I had a gut feeling I would O tomorrow, but even that is in question now.


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