Monday, November 20, 2006

mercurius moccus

Today while I was working out I got interrupted. This is not something strange or surprising. I have an almost 4 year old son, I often get interrupted when working out. I was doing my resistance bands lower/middle body routine, with my son chatting away when my roomie called out to me to come to the front yard. The fact that she was interrupting WAS unusual. My roomie is one of the most thoughtful people one could know and does not like to interrupt me when I am working out. It is for that reason that I jumped up and ran outside.

I looked across the street and saw a pig, a large sow actually, on my neighbors lawn. I quickly threw on a shirt over my sports bra, got Bliss dressed and went to investigate. My neighbor was not happy and said it came from around the corner. We live in the burbs, this is not a rural area. The sow had a green line of paint on her back which is a marking from an auction yard. She was obviously going to be someone's feast.

My two dogs, both 11 pound shih-tzu's, were barking at our fence as the pig started to run up the street. As soon as the pig heard my dogs she turned and ran to our fence. She loved my dogs and put her snout through the fence to say hello. I ran inside and grabbed some oats and came back and fed her through the fence. I asked my roomie to unlock our fence and invited the sow inside. She came in and I shut the fence. I felt she was here for a reason.

I should give some interesting facts at this point.

1. Mercury is currently in retrograde and I am a Gemini.
2. I was an Animal Science major for undergrad and have a BS in it.
3. I have a deep love of animals.
4. I am not a vegetarian and worked in a meat packing plant in college.
5. I believe in Animal Medicine.
6. This very morning I had a pork roast thawed waiting to be put in the oven.
7. Just 5 days ago Bliss and I saw Charlotte's Web together for his first time.
8. Because I ate so much turkey when losing all that weight, we are having ham for Thanksgiving.
9. I am a bit conflicted.

So she was in my yard. We got the dogs inside even though she wanted to play with them. We were worried if they got to crazed and frightened her she may kick or bite them and they tiny compared to this pig. She took a minute to get ok with me. I got her some apples and began feeding her on my front steps. (I cannot believe I didn't take any pics) She became very friendly very quickly. She started trying to pull my shirt and sweatpants, and she kept nudging me and being very cute. I had to pull her off my back bumper of my truck because she kept trying to bite part of the wiring connector for my trailer hitch. She also would run along my fence squealing loudly every time a car went by fast. It was hilarious, she was just like a dog. I got her a big water dish but she liked just drinking from the hose. I let her in the backyard and got her some whole grain bread which she also adored.

I had called the police as soon as I had gotten her in our yard and they had contacted Animal Control. I was told if the owners showed up that she was their property and like if I found a dog I would have to give her back. I was also informed that, for religious purposes, it was legal to have a pig and even slaughter it (so long as it is humanely done) in the city limits. I was bummed because I really felt like she got free for a reason and found me for a reason.

After about an hour some people came by saying it was their pig. I told them I had called the police and Animal Control. They said ok and then they got a rope and had me put it around her neck so they could "walk her" back to their house. They said she was for a ritual they were going to be having. I said yes but also for the feast to follow the ritual and they nodded.

I honestly do not have a problem with that. I understand different cultures and customs and have no qualms with it whatsoever. I DID feel like THIS pig was not supposed to end up like that though. As I tried to walk her out my gate she fought back wildly, squealing and then suddenly just stopped and looked me right in the eyes. She had beautiful eyes, especially for a pig. I looked at the people and said she wasn't wanting to be on a leash. To my astonishment they said they were going to go and would be back with a crate. I said ok, and locked my gate back up and went inside trying to reach the Animal Control people again.

I herded her back to the backyard again and this time shut the gate. I then sat with her and gave her some more water from the hose in our backyard. My dogs were at the back sliding glass door barking and she hopped up onto the back patio to be closer to them. She put her snout to the glass as they barked. I fed her some shortbread cookies and basically felt stressed. I was also freaking out because I was feeding her so much and did NOT want to be contributing to "fattening her up." I made a decision. I knew I would not let them back in my yard. I heard someone at our gate and ran inside to peek out to see who was there. I was thrilled to see Animal Control.

I let them in and told them the story. They said that even though it was legal, they would take her in and that if the people showed up before they could leave they would let them know that they were getting a ticket that cost more than the pig did. I was elated.

I pet her some more and then they used a lil leash and tried to coax her out. I knew she wouldn't budge but they had a cattle prod (lil shock stick) and I knew that it was better that she get a lil shock in her butt now instead of a sliced throat later. I asked where she would go and they said they would send her out to a foster facility and she would likely be in the system and not killed. I felt like jumping up and down.

I said goodbye to her and thanked the 2 men and went inside. Bliss asked me if I was going to miss her and I said yes. He said not to worry, that she would be back. He had a fun exciting morning with the pig that came to visit.

I took a shower and then looked up pig medicine to see what the whole encounter was possibly trying to tell me.

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ess said...

this pig story moved me to tears. not to mention the sublime link to fertility.
i am not even sure how i got to your blog - a link from a link from a link from my pals site "lightning seed". i guess i'm considered a "lurker" who is gathering info. in support of my TTC friends.
best of luck to you and yours,

bleu said...

Thanks so much. I am glad you got it, it really moved me as well.


Susanna said...

what an amazing story!!!