Wednesday, November 01, 2006

just drained

I am having a rough morning. Last night I had three very vivid dreams of +hpt's. They were the dream in a dream kind where you wake up and realize it was a dream so you get up and POAS and it is + then you realize you are still dreaming etc.
To top that off one of my dogs, my mama dog ( I have mother-daughter shih tzu's) who NEVER sleeps on the bed and on the rare ocassion sleeps at the foot of it only, but 99% of the time sleeps next to it on the floor, got in bed with me last night and insisted on laying against my belly, the whole night. Then I wake up and POAS and it is negative. Then I realize I have gotten the wrong HPT, I thought I had the Inverness sensitive but I find I got the insensitive one that measures >50. I later got a sensitive but still got a negative.
OK so add too all of this very sore boobs and on top of that they have engorged, my left deflated one is inflated. This never happens except when pregnant and that equals still a lot of hope, hope that I don't want, hope that I really don't need right now.
Then I call my doctor to get last Friday's serum progesterone results and...................
a whopping 5.1????????????
So there is major doubt I could be preggers with that low of a level.

So needless to say I am pretty devastated. I know there is a slim chance, but darn it now I have this deep ache of pain in my gut where the hope was.

Sorry to rant, I am just gutted.

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