Friday, February 23, 2007

happiness in a vial...

I saw my amazing Endocrinologist today. I say amazing because she listens, because she believes I know more about my body than her. I say amazing because of the years I spent with the jerk Endocrinologist who lied to me, cost me 5 precious vials of Bliss's donor and almost my sanity (see first few blog posts). I say amazing because she welcomes my research I do at home and tells me she feels bad she isn't as up to date on stuff pertaining to my specific questions as she feels she should be. I tell her she is amazing and that I do not expect her to be up on everything under the sun, and that I appreciate that she goes the extra mile to check on things she isn't sure of.

A little back-story of today's appointment. I wanted to have some tests run, I mentioned them below. I had spoken to her assistant on the phone and asked for an Antiphospholipid test. It took 3 return calls with the assistant because the girl cannot, apparently, take a message and even when I spelled words out for her she came back with answers to nothing even remotely close to what I had asked. She did, however, finally say she got the test OK'ed and ordered. I went to the lab and had the blood draw, the lab person said she thought the test was ordered, and then Tuesday I get a call with my results and they are results for tests I had done a month and a half ago. They had been done again and the one I had requested had never been ordered. Well, I know my doctor, this was not her, this was the assistant screwing up simple phone messages. (I am sorry, if you cannot even pronounce Thyroglobulin you should NOT be an assistant at an Endocrinologist, period.) So I told said assistant I needed to see the doctor this week. I went today.

So when my doctor came in before I could even speak (and I am fast) she told me how sorry she was for my loss. I thanked her, and was touched. I then told her I was there in person because the assistant had screwed up 3 phone messages and a lab request and I had some wishes as far as blood-work. I did not tell her what the assistant had said, during the first call when I informed her I lost the baby and wanted some tests to check some stuff. She told me if I wanted to know why the baby dies I had to talk to my OBGYN. ?!?!?!?!?!? Anyhow, tangent, so my doctor says she is so happy I am there in person because she wants to really look into things as well. She then informed me she had been at a special in house seminar/conference yesterday and had spoken with a pediatric director for this one center and had spoken about me to her and asked if she knew any specific things my doctor could look for with regards to causes for my m/c. I was so impressed and touched.

My doctor has ordered an Antiphospholipid test for me, along with an ANA test/panel, which the other doc recommended. She has also ordered the one I wanted the most, which is a Natural Killer Cells panel with a CBC, platelet count, WBC lymphs, and phenotyping. I had the blood drawn next door to my doctor's office so they could make sure they got it all ordered correctly, which was not an easy feat. It took a long time for them to find out the proper coding as this test is not run often.

So now I wait, but I am OK with that. I am just so satisfied to be listened to. I am pleased to have a doctor that also cares. I am pleased that I will be able to know if these things could be a cause because they would continue to be so, and they are truly the only things I am worried about.

I am happy today.

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The Town Criers said...

I'm so glad that it turned out well--meaning, that she heard you, you had a positive experience, and the tests were completed. Wishing you peace as you await the answer.