Friday, February 02, 2007

food glorious food...

When I was pregnant with Bliss I didn't have many cravings that were intense but I definitely had preferences. I remember really liking eggs which is the case again. But with Bliss I wanted lots of salads, lots of fresh avocado's, and lots of fresh grilled salmon.

The thing is I eat pretty healthy, and since losing all the weight I really ate well. I am not a fast food junkie at all. With this pregnancy so far it is just not the same case. The second day of insemination should have been a warning flag for what was to come. In the past I have always tracked my cervix. I usually only used one vial, as with Bliss, but sometimes I did two and this time was one of those times. I always track my cervix, and know I usually O soon after a positive OPK. I had a feeling the first day I tested positive, that I should inseminate even earlier than I normally would have. I decided to do my first insem. by 2pm on a day where 7am was my first positive. My os was open and all was fine. Doing a solo insem. is tricky and I didn't get it all in my cervix like I usually would when my doula was assisting. I made some adjustments for the next day and felt good about it. To go back a bit I always have a drink the day of an insem. I am not a drinker, but have this thing where I think it helps somehow, probably because I had one the time I had Bliss. I had a glass of champagne that day as well. The next morning I prepared to do a second insem. My roomie took Bliss to a McDonald's right down the street so I could have some privacy after the insem. and help my uterus move the sperm if you get my drift. Well this in itself is huge because I never send Bliss off without me but I was OK, it was 5 blocks. I had a mimosa ready for my after drink. When I did the insem. I was shocked to find my cervix had completely tilted backwards and closed up a bit. I was past my window, the second vial a huge waste of money. I was soooo upset. I did the best I could and then lay with my hips on pillows and had my mimosa. I drank it fast, and I felt it immediately. I called to check on Bliss and roomie asked if I wanted anything. I am not a fan of MD's but I said yes a big mac and ff's and an orange drink. I hung up and poured a second mimosa and cried. They got home and I gulped down the food so fast it scared me. I also finished the second mimosa. She asked if I was still hungry and I said YES!!! She went and got me another big mac and ff's and orange drink combo. I ate the whole thing. In the span of an hour I had eaten enough for a horse and drank more than I had in 6 months. My roomie was stunned and laughing and I declared that drinking was NOT a good thing for a diet. (Before I get flamed, it was in total about 10 ounces of champagne, if that bugs you oh well.)

But since being pregnant the things I want? Well my latest desire is a patty melt. The sad thing is how hard it has been to find a good one in my town. I have no idea why, it is not a complicated thing. I went to 6 places in the last week. One place, a diner, said the had a classic one but it had cheddar cheese and tomato slices. Huh? Hello, a patty melt people. Denny's had one but they had no rye bread, they served theirs on a choice of sourdough or wheat berry. Come on! I finally ordered one from a restaurant that claimed they did it right. It was OK, but they used marbled rye. I don't want someones idea of sprucing something up messing with what is already a great thing. It is simple. You take rye bread, Russian or Jewish rye usually, you use some caramelized onions, some Swiss cheese, and some thousand island dressing. How hard is this? Well apparently here in Sacramento, it is very hard. yesterday we finally ended up at a truck stop diner and they had one the right way, except that when I bit into it there were no onions. I called over the waitress and she apologized and said I had gotten another tables melt and went and got me onions. It was good but in 3 days we had spent $100 eating out. That is NOT an option. So today I made my own, which isn't hard, I had just wanted one made for me. I loved mine today. I also made fries.

It is great that i finally had my meal like I have been wanting, but it doesn't bode well for my hips, thighs, and buttocks. When I was at the store getting the rye bread and Swiss cheese I got some salmon just to assuage my guilt. We will see if it helps. I do still eat yummy veggies and fruit, and also cottage cheese and brown rice and all sorts of healthy things, the problem is that I want this other stuff so much right now. Yesterday at the truck stop I also had desert, cherry pie a la mode. I am a pie maker so it is rare I order one out but I did. It was good, so now I have to make one of those too. I hope this phase is short and I am on to craving lettuce and cucumbers soon.

For now, I am off to make a homemade cherry pie.

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