Friday, December 19, 2008

my past week...

Got 2 moving cubes delivered (hoping we don't end up needing more than 4).

Packed some boxes to make room for tree.

Got tree, decorated tree.

Did really lousy job decorating outside house (was banned from going on roof).

Got dogs groomed (I usually do but hey it is x-mas and what the hell).

Took x-mas photo and had it printed into cards (doubt I will get around to mailing any but they are done),(will post photo later on).

Three doc appointments down, 4 to go (getting stuff done before moving, just routine stuff).

Got hitch put on new car.

Got Bliss a snow jacket and pants and boots.

Got dogs snow boots and coats and heated dog bed.

Went on yearly evening drive to view x-mas lights.

Used doppler numerous times to feel better (thank you Rose).

Finished all x-mas shopping and also wrapped 99% of all gifts.

Was exhausted!!

10 om's.:

MrsSpock said...

I'm exhausted just reading your list, and I'm not incubating a new person.

OK what exactly is a moving cube?

mulberry said...

i am with mrs spock... i am wiped out just reading it. and who banned you from the roof? i mean how could you have thought the roof was an option?? ya crazy gal you! glad the doppler is able to ease your fears these days, great you have it!! xo mulberry

Billy said...

Sounds a lot!

calliope said...

hope you've got your feet propped up now!

Kriss said...

If you don't mind me asking... why such the sudden move especially while your pregnant? Your list made me tired too! I hope you enjoy your new adventure living in a new place and a new baby.

Anonymous said...

hope you are relaxing after that crazy week! can't wait to hear about your move, i'm so jealous!

K said...

Wow, you are a super star! Put your feet up for a while now though, will ya? ;-) Hope you and Bliss have a wonderful Christmas.

Peeveme said...

Good for you. Remember to rest sometime.

MrsJoyner said...

Thank you so much for your comment. It made me feel so cared for and happy to know people were thinking of me and the fact that the word you had to type to post was heart, just moved me. Thank you. And your son, just gorgeous

Pepper said...

Happy Holidays!