Wednesday, December 31, 2008

starting to smell...

Warning: Earthy crunchy post about natural body scents, read at your own risk.

My breasts are starting to take on that delicious yeasty smell of breastfeeding again.

I have missed that scent.

I am rather scent oriented and became much more so after giving up antiperspirant when pregnant with Bliss, I still use natural deodorant at times and even natural Lichen ( a natural antiperspirant) at times but I find body scents to be beautiful and so telling.

Don't get me wrong, I like being clean and having clean scents not stench, but the body goes through so many changes in scent in the course of a month, and while

So I am enjoying the return of my breasts feeding scent, the one the baby will root into to find nourishment even when asleep. It has a comforting affect on me as well.

12 om's.:

Catherine said...

I love that boob full of milk smell. Enjoy!

MrsSpock said...

I nursed J the first month but never noticed that boob milk smell- maybe I was just too traumatized by those first weeks to remember.

Mr S and I don't use deoderant either. I use natural stuff (Jason's Wild Yam) most of the year and the real evil stuff in the summer on a rare occasion if there is a social event.

No one has ever accused me of being funky either. My son loves to nuzzle in my arm pit- must be something good there after all...

Jess said...

Bleu I just had a total a-ha moment! My bras have been smelling funny in the past two weeks. Even after I wash them, they starts to smell again as soon as I put them back on. Now I get it!! Thanks for the insight!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm a northern neighbour who randomly came across your blog - the mid-winter move to the East of this country is intriguing, with a child and pregnant. Are you familiar with the climate/region/ etc? PEI presently isolated by a winter storm - which is not that unusual there, and in many parts of Canada. Not intending to be discouraging - I am all in favour of becoming Canadian, and I have no idea where in America you reside. Just wanted you to be prepared with winter clothes!

bleu said...

Thanks Anon. I am in California actually but I have lived n Chicago and know severe weather. One big reason for the move is to move to where there actually is weather. We are likely moving to Nova Scotia rather than PEI but I am aware of how isolating it can be, especially with Conf. Bridge closures, but hey even without them that $41.50 can isolate one on PEI in an of itself.

I also read weather updates daily, this new years is bringing quite the huge storm to most of NS. It is interesting though, with all the power outages, we, here in Calif, already have a power generator for outages and I hear of so many there that don't. I cannot imagine being without one there at all.

Birdies Mama said...

ahhhh...the fresh smell of breastmilk, I love it! This is so beautiful my dear mama!!!

A very happy new year to are so deserving of it Mama!


Tobacco Brunette said...

Damn. You and me? We're like total opposites aren't we? We could have our own sitcom. They could call it "The Hippie & the Hipster."

Now go take a shower woman (that's for the biatch address.)


PS: Happy New Year, love.

Susanna said...

I love that smell too. It's a sweet scent. For a while, it was hard to place, and one morning Wifey told me,

"You smell like FLUIDS."

"What kind?"

"I don't know, just FLUIDS."

Demeter said...

My baby and I smell like that too! It is the smell of life. a newborn life. Enjoy it!

Oh, and by the way, you must already know but PEI and Nova Scotia get incredible amounts of snow in the winter. You must love snow as a requisite to living there.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of a body without a lot of blockers and masks to cover it's scent. We don't use antipersperant either, but I'll spray some witch hazel w/ rose oil under the arms some times. And I love yeasty smells, so I look forward to the bf scent! I always appreciate the way you're in touch with your body and the beauty in just being one's self. xoxooxox

Cece said...

Ha - Tobacco Brunette cracks me up yet again! What amazes me is that I had all that (remember you described "Mama Juice" to me once too - lol) but in the end, wasn't able to breastfeed. I'm so glad that your body is rearing up for the arrival of the new little one!

sandra said...

MMmmmmmmm I know the smell. Yum. And the feel of a baby snuggling in.