Saturday, December 27, 2008

inside this head of mine...

In case anyone wants a glimpse of the scary that is inside my head here is a peek.

I have been tortured for, I am so saddened to realize, almost an entire month of OCD from a post Cali wrote.

I don't do meme's but I have always played Cali's Scattergories games on her site. Her December game asks as it's first question "What is the name of your favorite Holiday themed song?" and then you use that as your letter for the game. But I was unsure and could not figure out a favorite song. Silent Night? No that is soooo overdone, Little Drummer Boy? No, a bit too religious for me, I just liked the "bah rump uh pump puh" as a kid.

So what do I like?

This has honestly been stuck in my craw for almost a month, and not like I think of it occasionally, no, I think about it frickin' daily. UGH!! This brain, I tell ya. I cannot remember I have a grilled cheese on the stove when I bring Bliss his sandwich in the next room and end up burning my own to a black crisp but I cannot forget the Scattergories question I am asked a month ago!!??!!

So after much MUCH MUCH thinking and searching and trying to come up with something I have FINALLY arrived at one of my favorite songs. but I will not say it is my very favorite, because frankly I have no idea.

Anyhow without further ado here it is.

A Carol Of Bells

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battynurse said...

Thats a good one. There are so many I like. Many also that I'm not sure why I like them as they are pretty religious but I love them. I think part of it is the sing alongness of the song. If it's good to sing along with. I'm with you too on the Little drummer boy and the rum-ta-ta-tum part.

butterflyanla said...

I too like the Carol of Bells

eden said...

Ahhhhh, the workings of the mind of Bleu. I read the title of the post and thought, oohhhhh yeah!!!

(I SO need to be reminded that I am not the only crazy person on the planet!)

I am still reeling from the CUTENESS OVERLOAD that was the pic of Bliss, below. Oh my. I love him!

MrsSpock said...

I enjoy the classical music version of this song and , well, pretty much all the Christmas music I prefer is the classical version without words.

Fat Chick said...

Happy holidays Bleu! I'm so glad the wee little one gave you a gift and Bliss got some good loot from Santa.