Saturday, June 23, 2007

0 dpo...

I did the first insem last night and will do the second and last tonight.
Today is 0 dpo and I am glad to be back in the TWW. Testing day will be the 4th of July which is interesting.

I found some stuff on the whole E2 thing that said it could be normal so I am choosing not to freak out.

In other news we got our Visa's back from the Canadian Consulate. We have booked our tickets for July 11th to fly up to Vancouver to get our landing papers signed. We are doing only a day trip as it is really just a formality and we do not want to spend a bunch on hotels and whatnot at this time. We ARE going to go up very very early, landing by 8am, and after the immigration stuff we will venture to the Vancouver Aquarium and the Seabus and Granville Island and make a day of it, then come back on a flight that night. Bliss will be in heaven.

I have also decided to go to Mississippi to see some dear friends. Only Bliss and I will be going, flying in to New Orleans and spending a week or two with them. If things go well we may hook up with them on a business venture and we may spend a month or more. I can always get a tank sent there if this month isn't the magic one. I have been many places but never to New Orleans or Mississippi so it should be fun. They are right near the water so Bliss should have fun as well.

I have been doing really well on my eating plan and with journalling my food intake. I have also been doing an hour 5 days a week uphill on the treadmill so I am pleased with that. I am planning on having Sunday's off for my eating plan, we will see how that goes. I have noticed some more energy this week which is good, but I am also amped about getting our Canada stuff all finished and planned so I will see how I feel after another week.

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ohchicken said...

thinking fertile and canadian and safe travel thoughts for you.