Monday, June 18, 2007

my day so far...

I wake up today thinking I will get some errands done, get my blood work done, and stop by a new Greek Cafe opening for lunch.

Then the mother of all hot flashes hit. It just kept going and going and going, getting stronger and stronger. I got out a mister and in a 70 degree house misted myself for over 20 minutes to cool down. Bliss helped thinking it was a fun game. Ha!

Then we took off to run errands. When I got to the lab the line wasn't bad which is nice on a Monday. They call me up to say the second set of blood work wasn't in the computer and hadn't been ordered. I called my docs office. The person who answered informed me my doctor would not be in til 3pm. OK then please get the NP, well she isn't in on Monday's. OK then may I please have the doctor on call, you see I am in the middle of a Clomid Challenge Test and have to have a cd10 draw. I am told she doesn't know who is on call. This is a big practice, lots of pregnant women, hello?? So they say to call the advice nurse for the practice, that she can send in the order.

I call the other office where the advice nurse is located and am told there are 2 people ahead of my on the phone. So I am still doing errands, and on hold over 25 minutes and then when I went into Target the call got dropped. So I get my stuff done there and call back and wait another 10-15 minutes and finally get the advice nurse. I explain the situation, just need a repeat FSH and Estradiol test. She says why are you wanting the test on cd 10 it should be on cd21. I explain no, it is on cd3 and cd10 and that I get the blood draw before I begin taking my Estrogen pills. She then asks why on earth I am taking estrogen. I say it is normal Clomid protocol. She says she works with 9 OB's who are all RE's and has never heard of a cd10 blood test for a CCTT and that she will not request anything so out of the ordinary and that my doctor has to be the one to order it. I ask her to leave a message and hang up.

I get the food, yum, and go home and wait until 3pm and call the doctors office again. This time a very normal nice woman answers and understands that yes this is quite a problem and yes I DO need to have it done today and says she will get the message to the doc and call me back and do it all before the lab closes at 5pm.

I get a call less than a half hour later by the same nice woman explaining the doc had seen the advice nurses message and ordered the test and that she was faxing the order right then. I told her what had happened and she asked if I would please repeat it all again for the advice nurse supervisor. I said sure and did just that.

I then went and got the blood drawn. I got home at 4:30pm.

I then got a call from my dear dear friend whose house I was going to tomorrow to swim in her new pool on my b-day. She told me she had to go in to work tomorrow unexpectedly and could we change it to Wednesday. It is fine and no big deal but it just seems to add to my day.

I feel like I just want to cry for a few hours. All of this happening the day before my birthday shouldn't make a bit of difference but somehow it does.

I will have a good cry before bed and try and release all this crap.

I somehow want tomorrow to be more, or mean more or something. Like starting tomorrow no bad food shall pass my lips, I shall be self actualized and begin my healthy path with a renewed focus on health and spirituality.

It's just not gonna happen. I am gonna bake a homemade cherry pie, and probably eat a nice steak and veggies and baked potato. But I will do the treadmill.

I am not in a great mood.

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The Fonaholics said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you YAY well it is your birthday already here in Australia!! Hope you end up having a loverly day, if all else fails spend it doing something wonderful with your beautiful boy!!! Icecream, the park, the movies, a massage, pedicure, anything that spoils you you you!!! Don't cry on your birthday, wake up in the morning and smile and breathe in the sunshine (I hope its sunny!) and then grab your boy for a day of fun TOGETHER!!! Say its mommies birthday and today we are gonna celebrate!! Because you are super lucky to have that little angel in your life!!

amyjay said...

Happy Birthday Bleu!
I hope you have a nice day.